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Posted by Remedymart on July 31st, 2014

The advancement of technology has resulted into the increase of rate of pollution. The use of cars, bikes, airplanes, the advancement of industries all these have resulted into increased amount dirt and dust. This causes many skin problems which sometimes convert into severe diseases if not treated properly. The common problems are acne, pimples, itching, peeling and redness on the face. So, utmost care should be taken to avoid such problems.

In spite of care also, if you have got pimples and acne problems, you need not to worry a lot. There are many solutions available today. There are large number of creams and gels available according to your skin type and helps to reduce and cure all the skin problems you are having.  One of the best options available with you is the Retin-A cream, which is a vitamin A derivative.  It helps to increase the skin and cell turnover and reduces the tendency of sticking cells together. This helps in reducing the acne and the healing is done quickly. This cream is available in other form also, i.e., Retin-A gel and solution. The best alternative would depend upon your skin type. You can buy Retin-A cream or gel from any medical store which is easily available.

The other option which you have for the treatment of acne is the Tretinoin cream. This is mainly available in a kit which contains a cleanser and a moisturizer apart from the cream. The cream reduces the formation of acne and heals it quickly. The moisturizer soothes the skin and keeps it soft. The cleanser keeps the skin clean. It also helps the acne to improve the wrinkles, reduce depigmentation or color differences in the skin. The Tretinoin gel is also available and has different strength. You should use either of two depending upon your skin type. You should tell you problems exactly to the doctor before starting the treatment. It is not easy to buy Tretinoin cream online as it is available on the doctor’s prescription.

All these types of cream should be carefully used. Using it once at a day and at the same time will have the best results. The cream should be applied in right amount because if exceeded from the said amount it can cause redness, peeling and pain. A gradual increase in the amount of the cream and its frequency in using will allow it to adjust with your skin. So, utmost care should be taken while using these acne creams. Sometimes these creams make the acne worse but you should have patience and you can see the result of this medication in about 8-12 weeks. If you are allergic to any of the ingredient in these creams, you should contact with the doctor. These creams heal your acne and also minimize wrinkles making your skin clearer and softer.

So avoid going in dirt and pollution but if it is not possible for you, there are best and effective creams available for your acne treatment.

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