How to Make a Blog for Free and Without Any Technical Knowledge

Posted by AdrianRocker on July 31st, 2014

Free to use blogging platforms have made it possible for virtually every one to start their own blogs. From high-school students to business executives, it seems everyone is on a blogging spree. How to make a blog with or without any technical knowhow? Well, there are blogging sites that everyone, with or without any web development knowledge, can use. Therefore, you can start a blog right away, choose a niche you are most comfortable with and start putting down your thoughts and ideas. There are free blog sites to help blogging enthusiasts go digital. Here below are some tips to help you out with starting your first blog.

Choose a blogging platform

A whole lot of blogging platforms are now available for students, professionals and people from all other walks of life. You can just start your blogging journey by choosing from any of these blogging platforms (by registering with your name, mail ID and few other essentials). After that, you have to choose a topic of interest and start blogging without further delay. Blogging is essentially much similar to keeping a diary, except for the fact that blogs are visible to anyone having access to the web. You may choose to restrict access to your blog, but that can only isolate your blog in this vast and share-happy world of blogging and social networking.

Pick an interest

We all have our personal opinions, beliefs, disbeliefs etc. If politics is your cup of tea, you can choose it as your topic of interest. How to make a blog that only talks about politics, political ideologies, agendas and parties? Simply go on the web, choose a blogging platform and choose your niche (topic of interest) and start writing your thoughts, ideas and opinions right away. There are blogging platforms that have different topics for users to choose from and you can simply choose a topic of your interest. Connect with other bloggers writing on same or related topics, and engage in active conversations in real time.

Post videos

New-age blogging platforms do not just provide the bloggers with an opportunity to compose their blogs, but facilitate them to post and embed videos as well. The multimedia compatibility of these free blog sites has made them quite  popular among Gen Y bloggers, who want to share videos, embed their Twitter and Facebook accounts and make their blogs multi-functional and feature-heavy in many more ways. You can just join this online community which is million-member strong and growing and start sharing multimedia content without worrying too much about compatibility issues.

The bottom line is, you need to choose a web 2.0 blogging platform which is free, easy to use, and supports all types of content, ranging from simple text content to multimedia content. You should also particularly look for blogging sites that allow bloggers to post blogs and share posts across social media sites, including but not limited ones like Facebook or Twitter. If you are still not sure about how to make a blog, you can simply check thee tutorial of any site of this type to get started.

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