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Posted by AdrianRocker on July 31st, 2014

Creating your own blog might appear an intimidating task, especially if you have little or no understanding of how web or blog hosting works. However, there are free blogging sites that can make blogging as easy as clicking a selfie and sharing it on FB. You can crear un blog gratis in less than an hour if you can find the right blogging platform. Though it is true that a whole lot of websites are out there, advertised as “free blogging platforms”, not all of these sites are actually free to use. You may need to pay a little for subscribing. However, a legion of free blogging websites also exist as a contrary and you can just choose from these sites to make your own blog. How to start your journey as a blogger? Here below are some tips.

Choosing a blogging platform

Best blogging sites are defined by their clean user interface, easy functionality features, advanced security mechanism etc. You need to choose a website that displays no ad or at least a blogging platform that displays much less advertisements. Pop-ups and banners are annoying and these ads may make it more difficult for you than usual to crear un blog gratis. Can you choose a blogging template? Can you find a community of bloggers who have been using the site for months, or years? These are few things you need to check before using a blogging site.

Register for a free account

Once you have decided to choose a clogging platform, you need to start with the registration procedure. For registering, you may need to give your name, mail address, create a password etc. Most of the popular blogging platforms have interactive instructions and tutorials to guide new users through the registration process. Keep in mind that the shorter the registration process, the easier it is for you to get registered.

Selecting a blog name/address

This is the most important phase during a blog development process. This is because you need to decide on a variety of things during the post-registration phase. For example, you need to choose a domain name to make your own blog. You can customize the options available on the blogging site, choose from templates, and start with the basic content modification process to start with. You may want to add co-authors and let the world know about your new blog through social media. Just like designing the interiors of a new home and painting it, you have a whole lot of tasks to do before your blog goes live on the web.

Start writing

Everything done, you can now concentrate on picking a topic and writing some random posts on it. You may want to digitize your unpublished poems, share tips and guidelines on a variety of topics, share a recipe or something.

Whatever you write, do not forget to use the power of social media to make your content go viral. This is because free blogging sites do not just let you crear un blog gratis, but contain social media plug-ins as well. 

Want to crear un blog gratis and set your foot in the world of social blogging? Use Vlugzee to make your own blog for free. Happy blogging!

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