Relegation spree! Sunderland upset passenger prewar professional Tokachi Premier

Posted by fifaplay on August 1st, 2014

When the first 34 home loss to Everton Sunderland continued bottom of the rankings, many people think that Sunderland has gone relegation hope, because their next road game is continuous across Manchester City,FIFA 15 IOS Chelsea and Manchester United this 3 support the Yankees, but who would have thought that Sunderland in these three games, two wins and a draw to get 7 points, which is almost an impossible task, get it in 7 minutes after Sunderland's relegation has very optimistic.

These three amazing road trip in the past two weeks to complete, Sunderland Manchester City in the first guest on April 17, when the vice squad and Sunderland Manchester City to the title race, when Fernandez Godinho 2 minutes after the break to lead Manchester City, most people think the game is almost certain to win Manchester City, but Sunderland's Wickham in the first 73 minutes and 83 minutes with two goals, but the last time Sunderland missing some experience thus be equalized, so that Sunderland can only continue to draw the bottom.

In the three days after the draw with Manchester City, Sunderland will face another guest at Stamford Bridge Chelsea team title race,Buy FIFA 14 Coins this is also the first clean sheet in Sunderland, followed by Wickham and Borigni go-ahead score, with Lessons learned three days ago, this time Sunderland did not lose the ball at the last moment, to keep the victory to the end.

4 days of continuous fighting off two giants get 4 points, which makes Sunderland gain confidence, then they are at home 4-0 victory over relegation rivals Cardiff City and is today a guest of Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City has been fighting off experience, this Sunderland to score points to take a more relaxed, in addition to first-half goals, the second half they hit the woodwork twice, if lucky point is that 3-0 victory over Manchester United.

After today's win over Manchester United, Sunderland passenger prewar 10 team has won four games (against Chelsea, Manchester United, Everton and Newcastle), this data is tied for first in the Premier League, on the road before the war 10's Transcripts in Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham to win and like them much more than the other teams are not as Sunderland. A relegation team can win in the away teams a second chance to say, but to win it four times is not accidental it.

After today's game,Cheap FIFA 14 Coins Sunderland have three points ahead of the relegation zone, relegation fate firmly in their own hands, to Sunderland's recent performance, the last two games at home to play West Brom and Swansea, the possibility to score points very high. Sunderland looked at recent performance, I am afraid that the majority of neutral fans do not want them to downgrade, less so a team, the Premier will be a lot less

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