Various Aspects Handled By Family Court

Posted by davidsmith9028 on August 1st, 2014

Family is the most important unit in any society. Whether you are a part of a western society or an eastern one, family is given a lot of importance everywhere. For the sanctity of the family and its togetherness, the government and law system has tried to keep it aside from rest of them. The family court in Singapore tries to handle everything related to the family, personal relations and children. There are a lot of duties which are performed by them such as handling divorce cases, adoptions, custody of children and so on. They have the responsibility of maintaining an order in the society and family, according to legal terms. With all these steps, they make sure that the citizens in Singapore state are happy leading a content life. Some of the aspects handled by them are: ?Divorce cases: from legal separation to the annulment, anything related to the separation of two married people are under this category. In case a person is not happy with his or her marriage, or is abused in it, he or she can file for separation or divorce. Moreover if they are married without consent, they can file for annulment. ?Division of marital property: everything which was obtained during the marriage ceremony in form of gifts, bought after marriage or related to both of them as couple is the marital or matrimony property. At the time of divorce or separation the family court can help in division of this property with proper justification. ?Custody of children: after divorce or separation, custody of children becomes an important decision. It is the responsibility of the family court in Singapore to make sure the responsibility of the children is given to such person who can take good care of them and keep them safe. One can fight the case to prove the point. Moreover, the choice of the kids is also considered in it. ?Personal protection and maintenance: in case a person is dependent on the spouse during marriage and wants to have divorce due to certain condition. The court will actually assess your situation and will make sure that you get a set amount of money as personal protection and maintenance from the spouse. Whether you are abused by your spouse, not given share in the family property or by your husband or wife, mistreatment in front of others, forcefully married to someone, and such other aspects are considered by the family court.

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