Freeze Dried Fruits- Nutritionally Rich Food Items

Posted by natustore on August 1st, 2014

Fruits are a great source of vitamins and essential minerals to help your body in big ways. Going all seasonal when it comes to your favorite fruit is natural but how to derive the benefits of unseasoned ones you adore eating? With preservation being the method and freeze –dried food in closet, it’s got way too easier to eat them anytime around the year. So you don’t need to visit any wilderness or go for a space journey to simply enjoy the nutritional benefits of freeze -dried fruits and other food items. Such drying method removes moisture from foods and thus decreases their volume and weight while still preserving the nutritional value in them to the best possible. This very method gives fruits a much longer shelf life by boosting the way they can be used.

So they are delicious, year round fresh and healthy as freeze dried strawberries and other fruits and vegetables are available whenever you want them. By simply adding them to water, one can retain the same product after a few minutes with its same nutritional value. There are certainly enormous benefits of freeze-dried products and its sustainability is up by several years by simply depending upon various storage and packaging methods. Experts know that such storage is successfully done in a dry, cool or dark temperature.

The Process

  • Freeze-drying method is subject to be altered by experts as it begins with flash-freezing, which is certainly rapidly subjected to extremely cold temperature.
  • The food is then further placed in vacuum area.
  • This actually helps in drawing all the moisture and thus lets manufacturer to preserve the product.
  • Finally, the food is then packaged in an air-tight and moisture-proof packing, which gives it a longer shelf life.

Varied Benefits for Manufacturers

  • The freeze-dried products comparatively weigh less and thus take much lesser room than fresh food, which makes it less expensive to package, store and transport.
  • This certainly makes food adaptable than its fresh counterpart.
  • Various cereal companies choose to favor freeze-dried fruit in the mechanism of adding berries and other dried fruits in their products.
  • This actually helps them to maintain total integrity of various cereals in order to ensure that the berries will not deteriorate.

Since nutritional level remains intact it is thus comparatively the best method of ensuring that you get enough anti-oxidants and photochemical that you may not get otherwise. 

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