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Posted by dunitzsantrino on August 1st, 2014

The most respectful and honorable job in this world is securing the Border of this Nation and Country. To keep the people this country peaceful, people of Army and various departments give their lives and safe the nation. Common people cannot do this job, people with brave heart sacrificing their happiness, enjoyment and family day and night Struggle in borders. Work is God for them struggle hard put all their efforts to keep all of us peaceful.

This bravery cannot be valued in price; the most you can do to them is a respectful salute and bow for their work. Hence to encourage them and to support them for their future days and to appreciate their efforts on occasional days and national festivals they are rewarded with Challenge coins as a token of thanks to them and few times for their family.

As per the different department Challenge coins are divided into following coins:-

Army Challenge Coins

Military Challenge Coins

Navy Challenge Coins

Coast guard Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge Coins

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

Police Challenge Coins

Marine Challenge Coins

Firefighter Challenge Coins

Each Coin will be having their own department Symbols, quotation Written on that and comes in different style, size and Shapes. That is made up of different metals and Coating like platinum, aluminum, and bronze, Nickel, Copper, Gold and Silver.

Police Challenge Coins

The Police Challenge Coins are given to the Individual who are dedicated to the Law enforcement department. As a token of thanks in police department for their strong efforts Custom Challenge coins are awarded. Specific emblem of the particular department will designed in these coins. On the occasion and for remembrance this challenge coins are given to the Police for their bravery in their Duty time. This is the one and only department in the world sacrifices their daily own happiness with family and dedicatively working for Civilians.

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

The pride of agency is respected by a hand shake of these coins. As each department will having their set of rules, regulation, policies and responsibility in the same way Law enforcement agencies dedicated for the Law of land. The main aim of providing these challenge coins to any department is to boost up the team a prestigious honour is a zeal for the entire department that prop up the team frame of mind. Not only for this department if required as per your requirement for Business field, Sports and events, Wedding , Brand and Association Challenge coins will be made.

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