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The cultural center of India, New Delhi, is also the Capital city. With a growing population, and a vast cultural heritage, Delhi is considered a great tourist spot. But is tourism the only thing Delhi is known for?

Well, as we all know, each coin has two faces. So does this one. Delhi is one of the fastest growing cities of the world. But the living standards haven’t been able to keep up with the rising population. Delhi roads don’t just sport vehicles, but beggars too. People have taken to the streets due to lack of good living facilities.

But does this affect others? Well, yes, it does.

Health conditions in Delhi

The environment plays a huge role in contributing to the health of people. A clean and healthy environment leads to a healthy home, while unsanitary living conditions deteriorate one’s health. With a great number of slums prevailing in Delhi, it is easy to conclude that a horde of diseases make place in the houses of many.

Doctors play a pivotal role in Delhi in the sense that with weak immunity systems, lack of proper eating habits and poor sanitation, people of Delhi tend to fall sick quite often. Diseases like malaria, typhoid, dengue, tuberculosis and their like have become a common sight. So Delhi is in a dire need for doctors. With a population of over 16.7 million people, the roads as well as hospitals are usually jam-packed.

With so many people in need of doctors, and roads usually brimming with vehicles, it becomes difficult to reach the doctor in time to get your turn. So you usually have to wait in a queue outside the doctor’s clinic. Wouldn’t it be better if the doctor sees you as soon as you reach his office? Isn’t that a big time saver? Well, it is possible now.

Booking online appointments

Booking appointments online is catching up pretty fast with doctors and patients alike. It is convenient, easy and helps to avoid the hassle with the doctor’s receptionist. So why not encourage your doctor or your patient, as the case might be, to take to the various online portals that provide the option for patients to book online appointments with doctors?

It is really a boon for the tech-savvy generation of today, who wants their work done as quickly as possible. Moreover, if a person is sick, waiting in line for your turn can be exhausting. This is where online appointments come in.

Be it in Alakhnanda, Mayur Vihar, Malviya Nagar, Kaushambi, Hauz Khas, Pitampura, Gurgaon or Connaught Place, Delhi doctors have taken to online portals and are trying their best to make it all easy for you. Not just location, but we see a variety in their specialty as well. Ranging from a dentist to a surgeon to a psychiatrist to a speech pathologist, this city has them all. So maybe its time that you get out of the hassle, book an appointment online with the doctor, location and specialty of your choice and make the appointment a smooth process.

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