Important Features of a Handicap Van

Posted by SharonEvans on August 2nd, 2014

 Wheelchair users who want to be able to ride comfortably or drive a car with ease should purchase a Handicap Van manufactured to the highest quality standards. If you are determined not to let your disability affect your freedom to travel whenever and wherever you want, buying a Wheelchair Van may be the best option for you.

The thing that wheelchair users resent most is that they always have to depend on others for every little thing. If you have gotten tired of calling a friend or a relative whenever you want to go shopping, if you miss the days when you got behind the wheel and drove off all by yourself, you should know that you can still make this happen: a Handicap Van tailored to meet your special needs can help you attain your objective; the sooner you start shopping, the sooner you will get your freedom back. In order to make a smart purchase, it would not hurt to do a little research first and to check out all your options.

Wheelchair users are recommended to pay attention to all the features of the Handicap Van they intend to buy and not to settle for anything less than a 100% safe and comfortable vehicle. In order to make a wise choice, they should learn about the various types of wheelchair accessible vans available on the market, such as vans with extra-tall height, standard height, in-floor ramp, fold-out ramp, rear entry, etc. When it comes to the comfort of a wheelchair user, every little detail may make a huge difference: for instance, vehicles with extra-tall height are ideal for users of very tall power chairs, for virtually any type of wheelchair will fit in such a vehicle.

The access modality of the wheelchair is another aspect that you should keep in mind when shopping for a Wheelchair Van. In case you do not know whether to opt for an in-floor or fold-out ramp, you should learn a couple of things about the two types of ramps: when it is not in use, the in-floor ramp retracts under the floor; thus, it will not obstruct passengers’ access to the vehicle. The fold-out ramp is the preferred choice of persons that do most of their driving in areas with tall curbs. As far as cost is concerned, the in-floor ramp is a little more expensive than the fold-out one, but the investment is worth it.

Numerous wheelchair users have a hard time selecting a Wheelchair Van by themselves, feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of features and options that they can choose to install. If you want to invest in a durable van that you will be able to drive with very little effort, it would not hurt to resort to the help of specialists. You could, for instance, contact a mobility centre and ask the staff to show all your options and to give you a brief description of all types of wheelchair vans; this way, it will be much easier for you to make an informed decision that you will not regret later on.

We are committed to helping wheelchair users purchase a Handicap Van that meets all their individual needs. We invite you to contact us and to tell us more about the type of Wheelchair Van that you would like to acquire.

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