RC Drift Cars Opens up a whole new world of RC Racing

Posted by rchobbiesoutlet on August 2nd, 2014

A new craze in RC car racing, that it generating a lot of excitement and fun, is RC drift car racing. Imagine driving around a race course completely sideways with your RC drift car, on some drift courses – that is exactly what you will be doing. Drift racing requires the development of whole new set of racing skills,if you want to make it to the finish line before your buddies.The hard plastic drift wheels on your four wheel drive RC drift car provide little traction, which means you have to carefully build your direction and momentum in advance of, and around every turn, as you drift sideways around each turn.

Kids and adults also get a kick out of doing spins and a range of of other wild movements as they drive their remote control Drift car down a road.

You can also get RC drift cars with LED lights, and have drft races is the dark, for a whole new set of racing challeges,while having some crazy fun.

Many RC drift cars come with brushed electric motors, which are less expensive and quite suitable for drift racing, as the low friction of the Drift tires do not allow you to build up much speed, so the faster wheel rotations that a brushless electric motors can generate, does not help much, when it comes to drift racing. None the less,it is important to know that you can normally convert a Brushless electric RC car or even a Nitro gas powered RC car to a RC drft car by simply changing the on-road wheels to drift wheels. So now you can use your brushless electric or nitro RC Car for both on-road racing and drift racing , simply by having both on-road and drift wheels for your RC car. Howver, RC Buggies are not normally suited for drift racing, as they do not provide a suitable ground clearance and suspension, and they have a higher center of gravity.

One thing to consider if you are planning to do drift racing with a number of your buddies, is the radio system. If the RC drift car comes with an AM radio system, you have to ensure the frequencies being used on each car is different, or you will have 2 controllers truying to control the same RC car ( there are normally about 5 different AM requencies available). A 2.4G radio system may be a better choice, as a 2.4G radio system automatically switches to a vacant channel, so that you never have another RC drift car on the same channel. Other advantages of the 2.4G radio system include more range, avoiding the risk if external interference, and no long aerials to snap on the RC car or transmiiter/ controller.

So get yourself a RC drift car and experieince the exhilarating rush of drift racing.

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