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Posted by AdrianRocker on August 2nd, 2014

A goal for any business, no matter its size, is to achieve customer recognition. A powerful brand is the key to success and there are plenty of options to obtain it. Personalized pens are the best solution, especially if you are in the beginning. It can be used to make your brand more visible, help your customers remember it and achieve customer response in a short time.

If you have a small business, you know how difficult it is to compete against the big companies, even when your services are flawless and your prices highly competitive. People tend to trust more the things that are familiar to them and that is the reason why branding is very important for you at this point. As long as you build a recognizable brand, you have better chances of establishing a relationship of trust between you and your clients and also attracting new ones over the time. There are many strategies of brand building, but one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions is to invest in promotional gifts. 

Every year in the United States, millions of dollars are invested in personalized products. Having given the fact that this strategy has been used for years, there can be only one conclusion: they really work. Just put yourself in the situation of the client. If you pass by a billboard and you are thinking about your daily chores, you have big chances of not even noticing it. Instead, if someone stops you to offer a promotional pen, they will get your attention. Everyone loves gifts, no matter if they are big or small. Once you have caught their attention, they will listen to what you have to say. But what happens when you stop them to give a flyer? Even if they take the flyer, very few people will actually keep them.

Promotional gifts are great because they serve to other purposes too, apart from advertising. They can be valuable for the receiver and if he or she uses them daily, you get the exposure you wanted. And that is how you build your brand. But, you will benefit even more: you can offer these personalized pens directly to people that are interested of your services. They will either visit you at a trade fair or directly at the office. Make them feel more comfortable by offering them a lovely gift. They will remember you after that.

Just like all the other marketing strategies, the efficiency of these personalized pens also depends on how well you manage to adjust them in relation to your targeted audience. This requires a lot of research in the first place. Get to know your target market before you actually start the campaign. After that, you should decide when is the best time to hand your promotional items. Remember to create the perfect design, and you are ready to begin!

When it comes to promotional gifts, no other company is second to Bizpen. They have plenty of personalized pens that come in different designs, but many other types of products too!

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