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Posted by alisonreid29 on August 2nd, 2014

It may be safe to assume that the military is the largest consumer of brass. Every year millions of bullets are purchased for the military and almost all these bullets have some brass element in them. But what happens to the brass casings once the bullets are fired? These casings are sold in the market and they are resold as processed brass. When you buy rifle brass from the market, it is highly possible that you are buying brass that has been processed already. But that is not an issue as long as you are sure that the quality of the brass is good enough.

If you deal in the brass market, you would have heard about once fired brass. The name says it all – this brass is obtained from casings of fired bullets. The word “once” is used to indicate that the brass is obtained from casings of bullets that have been only fired once. This essentially means that you are not looking to buy brass that has been reused in making bullets after the first firing was done.

Here you have two options. One option is to buy brass from these casings from the market as it is. Since most of these casings are obtained from the military, you don’t always need to worry about the quality of the brass. But then, this rifle brass like this may not suit your purpose all the time. You may want to buy something better and here you have the option of purchasing processed brass.

When rifle brass is first obtained from the military, it is sorted and cleaned. Some of the sellers still use the age of process of sorting by hand so that they are able to remove brass that has really gone bad. The other advantage of this form of sorting is that brass casings of different caliber rifles can be separate from each other. Once the sorting is completed, the next stage is cleaning. Any stain is now removed using hard scrubbing methods until the brass is shining like new. The slight deformities are still there but that is to be expected because we are looking at used rifle brass.

Some of the sellers don’t stop at sorting and cleaning and they produce what is known as processed brass. At first de-priming is done to make sure that the brass is now better in quality and you save time in producing cases. The next step is sizing where gauges are used to reshape the cases so that you save further time in the casing process. The other processes that are involved in making processed brass are primer pocket swaging and reaming and trimming. Once all these processes are complete, you get that perfect rifle brass that you require.

The most reliable sellers are what you need to consider for purchasing processed brass. Rifle brass plays an important role in the manufacturing of the ammunition. So, you may always want the best quality brass. And the most renowned sellers don’t let you down.

You may decide to buy normal fired rifle brass. But if you require perfect brass, processed brass is what you need.

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