Puppy Robbery Awareness Day Is February 14

Posted by Carie Gonsoulin on January 13th, 2021

If your somebody that Valentine's Day is furry, has four legs, and barks, then you should also understand that February 14th is Pet Theft Awareness Day. Little Winston certainly took your center the very first time you found his adorable puppy eyes, so the final point you'd actually need is somebody obtaining him from your own property. Never to worry, nevertheless - Pet Theft Awareness Day was created to greatly help dog owners like you become more alert to dog robbery data and how to safeguard Winston from any potential dog thieves.

Pet Theft Data

Dog robbery appears to be on the rise - the National Kennel Club (AKC) noted Valentine pets that there have been 49% more'dognappings'in 2011 than in 2010. What's more, the full total quantity of noted dog thefts has been slowly raising since 2007. Some say that this might be a sign of harsh economic times. Possibly persons can not afford to get a dog. But long lasting reason, it is now added important to be meticulous and reduce it from happening to you.

Keep Winston Safe

The safest way to safeguard Winston is to have him microchipped. That way, if he actually gets missing or taken, you will have a higher chance of having him back. Microchips, with use radio frequencies to transfer your pet's spot data, may be mounted by your veterinarian. They are secure and reliable.

While microchips are the easiest way to ensure you can find Winston in the bad chance he's taken by a puppy robber, additionally there are important things you are able to do to prevent his robbery in the initial place. Some top ideas suggested by animal defense agencies and dog shelters contain:

• Never keep your puppy unattended in virtually any community areas. For him to the seaside or perhaps a park wherever leashes aren't expected, ensure he's generally within your site.
• Never keep your puppy alone in the car. Not just is that essential for defending from possible robbers, but that can also be added dangerous on warm days.
• If you should keep them (while on a break, for example) attempt to keep them with a member of family or perhaps a trusted friend. If no body you know may view Winston, discover a recommended and respected kennel near your home.
• Make certain Winston generally has his dog tickets on! Even if you pick to have Winston microchipped, having obvious recognition tickets is always best. These dog tickets will make it easy for anyone to note that Winston isn't at his home handle and may reach you immediately.
• If you haven't however registered Winston with Amber Attentive for Animals, get it done today. Amber Attentive for Animals is really a nationwide network of dog owners who're committed to greatly help taken or missing animals get back home safely.
• If you suspect Winston has been taken unlawfully - contact or visit the local animal shelters and government animal firm immediately! Time will be often your buddy or your foe, so use it wisely.
• Record a authorities report with the local police agency. If there is a huge sequence of dog thefts in your region, these details will support in completely investigating the crimes.
• Take to and discover a missing Winston by adding posters and signs and handing out flyers about town and/or the place he was last seen. These signs must have a sizable, distinct, shade photo of Winston together with his step by step information; wherever and when he was last observed, and all your contact information.

Making sure that your dog is secure and secured is certainly one of your responsibilities as a warm dog parent. They depend on you for their security and well-being, therefore it is important that you do everything in your power to make sure that they're pleased, balanced and properly looked after at all times. 

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