Types Of Adhesives To Use With Metallic Glitter Powder

Posted by adortalukdar on August 2nd, 2014

When you buy glitter powder, you have to be aware that you need more than just glitter.  According to the type of the glitter that you want to use, you should consider also the right adhesive that you should buy. Glitter may be hard when it comes to manipulate or to clean up, this is why the right materials should be used.

The metallic glitter powder should be used with adhesive or glue. Glue is a name for any material that it is used to stick the glitter to a certain place. Glitter in its own is not adhesive and it needs something to stick when applied. It is up to you to know the right adhesive according to the type of the rainbow glitter powder you are using and the project at hand. There are 3 types of glue that it is used to adhere the glitter powder. Craft glue is also called school glue or white glue. It becomes clear when it dries off and there is a need to use brush to achieve the right thickness. Fabric glitter glue has been designed to be used on the fabrics where the metallic glitter powder has to be permanent. It comes clear when it dries off.

The double sided tape has the adhesive on its both sides. One side is used on the project while the second one is used to put on the glitter. Even if it is not messy, it has limited control at the placements for the glitter and it is not permanent.  While applying loose rainbow glitter powder, craft glue is the best one to use especially if the project is for the children. It is inexpensive and it is easy to use. Glue stick can also be used but it is not common as craft glue.  Craft glue is used on different projects, but the use of the tape or glitter clues is limited for specific applications. 

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