Types Of Metallic Glitter Powder According To Its Size

Posted by adortalukdar on August 2nd, 2014

Glitter powder is known as flat, reflective and small particles. They reflect the light if they are applied on any surface which makes the place to glitter and to sparkle.  There are many types glitter of such as metallic glitter powder and they have been used for long period such as the mica flakes that were use in the paintings of cave.  The glitter is found in different sizes from 50 microns up to 6,250 microns.  Glitter is used in both the cosmetic and crafts.  The people who want to use the glitter, they should first understand the type of the glitter they should buy for a certain project.

The main component that it used to make glitter is the use of glass or plastic but the metal is also used for many types of glitter. However, an important characteristic of   rainbow glitter powder is its size. This is why the size of the glitter is used in defining the glitter used. Micro-fine glitter powder is useful in cosmetic since it adds a subtle shine but it continues to preserve the color that it is underlying. It does not reflect too much light and it has fairy dust appearance. It is excellent also to be used on the fabric collages, canvas arts and paper projects.

Fine glitter is a type of metallic glitter powder which can be textured or smooth according to how it has been used. It looks as fairy dust and it is good for fabric collages, canvas art and projects. Regular craft glitter is normally made in plastic. It creates a surface that looks rougher and it is reflective. It does not have too much color intensity and it is good to be used by kids. It is also called chunky glitter.  Large rainbow glitter powder is choppy and it reflects too much light. It looks as it is confetti or sequins.  For cosmetic glitter, it is important to look for the glitter made for makeup reason.

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