Buying Home is a Need And Buying Luxury Show Status.

Posted by eyehomz on August 3rd, 2014

There are several kinds of residential projects available in Delhi-NCR. Some of them are budget homes while some are reflecting your status. Any curry without salt is tasteless , the same way life without home is aimless. Home is the place where we feel safe and secure, where we find the true happiness and eternal joy. Today our discussion in exclusively focusing on budget homes and luxury homes. It is as simple to understand as the moments of life. We can’t live without salt but we can live without tomato. If we put tomato in our curry, it enhances the taste but if we don’t put salt in curry then it kills the taste. So, we can say salt is the budget homes and tomato is the luxury homes.

There are many salt like residential projects in Delhi-NCR. Aditya Urban Homes is a such type of residential project. So, nowadays great demand of this residential project is going on. As we know common man buys tomato when its price is low, in comparison to this cream class people always prefer to buy tomato with salt. So this project of Aditya world City has been bought by not only common man but also cream class people also taking keen interest. If we put tomato in curry then it definitely enhances taste but the nourishing value is same as we get the curry without tomato. Both the curries are same on the ground of nourishment , so there is huge demand of budget homes in Delhi-NCR.

In the following lines we are going to talk extensively regarding both kinds of curries. The one is for common man which has no tomato and the other type for cream class which has good quality of tomato. In recent time the common people see tomato in photos only and feel the taste, it all happened because of the slow growth of economy. The same way luxurious homes are reachable by those group of people who use tomato in their curries. The rising demands of homes have been disturbing the demand graph in respect of new residential projects of Noida. These kinds of disturbance are happening because of the common man. It is important to note that if a common man goes beyond his limits it disturbs the graph of demands and which finally becomes the cause of price-rise. It is easy to understand by present life scenario usually the price of tomato is around 50Rs/kg but when common man goes beyond his limit and wants taste in his rise, it disturbs demand graph and tomato price graph shifted to 100Rs/kg bar. The same thing happens in Real Estate sectors of Delhi-NCR. When common man goes for luxury then it not only affects the price of tomato but also enhances the price of salt.

That means increasing the pricing of budget homes and disturbs the whole economy of real estate sector. It is therefore suggested that if we don’t have the capability to put tomato in our curry then we should not go on tomato that stall. Now it is proved that tomato gives only taste. Because of the big dreams of common man the budget homes prices are going high. But still we have many good options in Aditya world city where we can’t get tomato but offers the unique taste of life.

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