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Posted by AllmaJess on August 4th, 2014

The modular plastic belts are part of the conveyor belts, being made of a solid surface which makes them great for glass bottles, or even PET bottles, especially for those with low contract on area bases. The Modular Belts are widely used in the industry of food and drinks, being an affordable and effective way to get a large production and high quality products. The Roller Tracks, on the other hand, are widely used in other industries, usually in construction, technology, etc. However, these two types of belts are part of a higher system called the belt system.

The Roller Tracks are products part of a caterpillar engineering machine with four-wheel area, and has the job to make the wheels move forward. The structure of a track roller is not very complicated, and a specialist can tell you all about it. The wheel body, the related parts, the sealing ring, the end cover, the shaft sleeve and the supporting shaft are all part of the roller track. Generally, the track roller in an excavator is black, and the roller track in the bulldozer is yellow. This is practiced to help workers distinguish each type of roller track and use them efficiently.

The material of Roller Tracks is generally a mn, mn2 40 or 50. The roller track is put through a process of machining, casting or forging in heat treatment, because the surface needs to be resistant enough for further work. It is need to increase the resistance of the surface of a roller track in order to make it efficient. These things are generally known by a specialist in this domain, so if you every need this kind of services, you may want to go and ask them all about it.

The Modular Belts are often used in the food and drinks industry, as they make the process easier and quicker. The convenience of industrial and food products increased when the modular conveyor belts where invented. These belts are usually made of plastic modules and also hinge rods, plus driven and tracked by some plastic sprockets, being high quality belts which can increase the performance of your business at a cheap, affordable price. These belts will help you with corrosion resistance, higher strength, abrasion resistance, positive drives, low friction, and also with the ability to build them on almost any width and length, having a variety of sideguards and other accessories.

Choosing to implement the Modular Belts into your production line is a very good thing if you want to increase the effectiveness of your workers and quality of your products. These belts usually enable manufacturers from all over the world to achieve savings in product loss, increases in the throughput and also reduction of costs in several fields, such as labor, belt life and maintenance. Therefore, if you want to increase the effectiveness of your business and have more high quality products and satisfied consumers, you should go for the modular belts. Implement them into your system and you will definitely have more success.

If you are looking to increase your company`s effectiveness, try Modular Belts for your business! Also, the Roller Tracks can be very benefic for your incomes!

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