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How To Mix Rainbow Glitter Powder With Powder For Your Use

Posted by adortalukdar on August 4th, 2014

Glitter powder can be used on the nails and if they make them to look pretty, the user will like how they sparkle at the sun. Glitter powder is becoming popular and the polymer pots are too expensive and it can be hard for you to buy each color as you need it. However, there is a simple way that you can save money while getting what you want.  While mixing the metallic glitter powder, you have to know that you should get the ratio right in order to mix well the glitter.

If you put little glitter into your powder, it will look drab and pointless. However, if you mix too much, then the glitter will not be able to settle in and it may lead to premature lifting and this may not be good. If you want to mix rainbow glitter powder, you have to start by deciding on the color of glitter you want.  You have to make a good acrylic powder for your choice. You need to get the spare pots where you can mix the glitter into. You also need measuring spoons, dual tool and spoon shaped or c. curve.

To mix glitter powder, you should start by getting your pot and you should add colored or acrylic powder you like. The powder color should compliment with the glitter colors. The ratio of the powder should be 3 to 1 part of glitter. This means that each scoop of glitter needs to have 3 scoop of powder.  You have to make sure that the powder is fully mixed with the acrylic powder. You can use metallic glitter powder on wood, paper and clay in order to create a 3D effect places. It is faster and easy to use and to apply the glitter.  You may use double sided or sticky glue and tape to put the glue on what you want.  The rainbow glitter powder may be used on clothing, seasonal crafts, purses, shirts and pants.

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