How on F3-D auto diagnostic computer scanner and diagnostic socket connector

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F3-D car diagnostic scanner is configured with various kinds of diagnostic connectors for different vehicle scanner sockets.

Standard OBD-II Interface Connection

According to the diagnose interface of the to-be-detected vehicle, select suitable connector for diagnostic vehicle, if the diagnostic vehicle configured with standard OBD-II diagnose interface, you need to connect both ends of the main testing line to the main unit and OBD-II interface respectively, and lock the fixed bolts, then insert the auto computer diagnostics connector into diagnostic socket of vehicle terminal, as shown in Figure 4.2.1.

                                Figure 4.2.1

Non-OBD-II Interface Connection

If the currently testing interface is not the standard OBD-II interface, first need to confirm what shape of the current vehicle diagnostic interface, and then find currently suitable interface in F3-D auto computer diagnostics scanner configured interface, and then connect. In Connection, first connect the main testing line to the main unit and the OBD-II interface respectively, then connect the appropriate interface to OBD-II.If the current vehicle interface is the DENSO-12 diagnostic socket, you can connect OBD-II female connector of DENSO-12 to OBDII, insert the other end of the DENSO-12 into vehicle , and then you can carry out related diagnosis, as shown in Figure 4.2.2.
         Figure 4.2.2
Connection Between Jump Box and Vehicle Diagnose Interface

During the auto diagnostic , often encounter the the situation that vehicle diagnostic socket considered damaged, modified, or was taken wrong, whch could result in the situation that using the appropriate diagnostic connector can not connect. At this time you could use the jump box to conduct jumper connection. Jumper box is specially  confugured by Fcar auto computer diagnostics scanner.As shown in Figure 4.2.3A

    Figure 4.2.3A        

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