Dangers of Passive Smoking

Posted by articlelink01 on August 5th, 2014

Passive smoking refers to those people who does not smoke but are exposed to secondhand smoking. Health hazards of passive smoking are very dangerous because they can inhale all the smoke coming from the cigarette while smokers puff the smoke out. The risk is greater to those who involuntary smoke. The effect of it can be very minimal or life threatening. Some might develop asthma, respiratory illnesses, allergies and cancer. Although smoking is not proven as its main cause, it is a contributing factor to these diseases.  Exposure to smoke from tobacco is the number one culprit.

There are short-term side effects of being exposed to tobacco smoke from cigarette like allergy attack and asthma.  The reason for this is because tobacco is known as an allergen. Many non-smokers complain about nasal congestion, headache, sneezing, eye irritation, sore throat, respiratory tract infection and cough because of their exposure to people who always smoke and ETS. The most common symptom of cigarette smoke is eye irritation.

People who are exposed to secondhand smoking may suffer from watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, coughing and feel of suffocating. If you are experiencing these symptoms and you know that you have a family member or a friend who smokes, then it means that you are already affected by passive smoking. You can feel some of these symptoms after minutes of exposure. People with no records of allergies and asthma suddenly experience coughing and difficulty in breathing when inside a room filled with smoke coming from cigarettes. These people exhibit symptoms only when exposed to the smoke. For those who are already in the process of quitting smoking, then it can cause cravings once you smell the smoke coming from it.

In patients with asthma, then they need to stay away from smokers as it can worsen the attack when exposed to ETS. Adults with the same conditions shows reduction in their lung function which is very dangerous and can lead a lot of detrimental effects. The effect of it on the heart was measured and according to the result, minutes of exposure to tobacco smoke can lead to the decrease of coronary blood flow. Although, effects are just short-term, repeated exposure can lead to serious long term side effects that can endanger your health.

The development of a tool that can serve as a good alternative for tobacco smoking is one of the best way to stay away from passive smoking. However, its effects to health have not been studied carefully. Cigarette Electronique also produces smoke that comes from the E-Shisha composed of liquid nicotine and flavor. However, it does not have other dangerous chemicals coming from tobacco so many believe that it is safe to use on public places because it does not produce secondhand smoking.

Non-smokers should not suffer from effects of smoking because they choose to walk through a healthy lifestyle away from smoking with E-Shisha. If you love your family and friends, then you should switch to a better alternative which is Cigarette Electronique and quit smoking. This is very important especially if you have kids and teenagers at home.

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