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Posted by MoMeHT on January 13th, 2021

The main tasks of our structural engineering team

Before you understand what civil engineers do, you need to understand that they are responsible for constructing buildings, bridges, pipelines, industrial facilities, tunnels, vehicles, ships, planes, and spaceships. This is because "structure" makes all of these infrastructures take shape, form and stability. 

  • Preparation of reports, designs and drawings, other technical plans.
  • Make calculations about pressures, loads and stresses.
  • Considering the strength of building materials and picking accordingly.
  • Providing technical advice on safe projects and construction for clients.
  • Obtaining planning approval and / or building codes from the relevant authorities.
  • Analysis of the configuration of the main components of the structure. Liaising with other professionals in the field such as architects and engineers.
  • All works are monitored and verified by contractors to ensure their structural integrity.
  • Administration of contracts and project management.
  • Inspection of real estate to assess conditions and foundations.
  • Do computer-aided design technology for modeling purposes.

Karno energy structural engineering consultants

  • If you have ever thought about how skyscrapers can live for a hundred years without collapsing, then you are thinking about structural engineering. A construction career will help you build one of the most beautiful and durable structures in the world. 
  • Structural engineering is a subdiscipline of civil engineering that deals with the frame of structures, as well as their construction, so that they are stable and durable. Contact our consultants here, you will be served by educated professionals.Thus, the job of a structural engineer is to design structures that will withstand the stresses and pressures of the environment they have built in order to remain safe for the people who use them.

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