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Posted by futurebrands39 on August 6th, 2014

Plenty of things have been said and written about the evolution of India’s market. But there’s hardly any discussion about how the true long-term potential of India’s consumer market works? Insight is certainly an imperative part but it’s rarely the outcome of research that is designed to uncover the truth. But when the word ’consumer’ gets an instant action with insight, it probably gets distorted, misused and a bit tainted in the entire communication and marketing glossary today. The word Indian consumer insight highly describes about everything that we actually understand and what customer knows but in rather cases more or less it actually refuses to tell something original in its own way.

The best way out to understand the human challenges that needs a quest for a perfect insight directs upon what we see and where we actually stand. As humans we actually unconsciously see what we’ve been seeing since years and that’s where new things don’t reach our minds for bad. Since the Indian market for insight has successfully given birth to a properly specialized industry of its own right, it is the customer who actually bears the responsibility of rendering all the right answers. As the time is passing they actually expect all the right questions as well as the right answers in that case.

For a better future, it’s certainly the need of the hour to go beyond interrogating the consumer since the human beings are never so conscious of whatever they’ve been feeling, behaving, think and believe in whatever they do at the best. Insight is what we think and in the same way make sense of the world around us. It actually demands the higher capacity in order to put aside baggage and take things on unbiased lens and rather learn things on completely new concept. Our initial search is supposed to be original and thus needs to start with a childlike passion and learn the original gaze at things.      

It’s important to not look at consumers as the reality lies in itself that speaks out loud in a web of cultural meaning systems. In an attempt to understand how products, brands and categories are judged buy a customer’s mind is via codes in the form of mental models. So in order to make the right brand or product interventions, it’s imperative to read the sources of codes for such mental models. Conversation is the key with people of their lives and context and the deeper it gets the relevant tests decodes the semiotics.

It’s important to understand that the best robust solution is to drill to the core and reveal both covert and overt world that goes around brands and products.

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