Consumer Insight- The Quest of Finding What Consumer Wants

Posted by futurebrands39 on August 6th, 2014

Indian consumer market has seen drastic changes in the last couple of years. Introduction of foreign brands, increasing capacity of spending, desire of having an international lifestyle has contributed to this change. Indian customers had to rely on their relatives living in foreign countries to bring them imported stuff, but now they can simply order it online or visit the nearest retail store to have it. Even the international brands are trying to merge the idea of indianism into their brands.

However, whereas some of the brands had a tremendous response among buyers, rest of them failed miserably. What were the reasons behind? How they suffered such a drastic outcome? Questions may be many, but the answer is likely to be same for all of them and that is the lack of proper Indian marketing insights. Every brand has to plan out their launch in the country before start influencing the customers. They have to understand what the customers need instead of what customers have.

The customer will not come to the brand and tell them about the product, quality and the features they are seeking in a particular thing.  You need someone who can tell you about the perfect way to market your products in the Indian market by considering the India marketing insights. It is better to understand the needs of the customer to target them specifically. Being a foreign brand or a company, it is not generally easy for one to get into the Indian mind set to serve the requirements of the local customers.

One needs attention and help of the India based company like future brands, to work on the initial phase of consumer insight. To understand the Indian market, one has to do an in depth search of the needs of the customers. The times are changing, Indians are changing and their needs are changing revolutionizing the market around them. Even though the Indians are being modernized with the changing trends, there is a certain connectivity with the ancient culture and traditions. Here is where marketing becomes difficult for the international brands.

They have to strike Indian mindset, while keeping the modernism in mind along with the Indian culture. Yes, it is a bit complicated but not a difficult thing, if you have the right resources and precise ideology to work on. There are several aspects which needs attention while working on the marketing of foreign goods in Indian market, make sure to assess each of them according to Indian culture but with a modern twist. There isn’t any need to adhere to the age old marketing concept to intimidate Indian customer, just be creative in your own sense combining it with Indian sense.

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