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Posted by arun on August 6th, 2014

Amazon’s Kindle brought about a revolution in book reading when it digitized thousands of books and gave them to avid readers in a small tablet that they could take with them anywhere they went. It gave birth to the concept of the digital library. Now, you can find millions of books in the electronic format, available on various websites in various formats.

 The emergence of eBook library stemmed from the fact that most people are using their Smartphones and tablets almost every minute of their waking hours. From setting alarm to preparing schedules and checking mails, Smartphones have become the one-device solution for all tasks. Now that books are available in digital formats, readers can download their favorite reads on their computer or Smartphone and read them whenever wherever they want.

 A lot can be said about the benefits of converting books into electronic format. The first and foremost reason is that books are a little difficult to maintain and can wear out after years. But ebooks stay new and clear for years together. If you look at the ecological point of view, a digital library can be very good for the environment. Wondering how? Do you know how many thousands of trees are being cut down every year to make paper for books? When you have all the reading material in digital format, the production of paper is reduced, which means fewer trees are cut.

 An online library is just like a normal library, the only difference is that here you check out eBooks instead of normal books. There are plenty of websites that allow you to download books free of cost, while others charge a nominal free for a set amount of download. Other promotional websites will charge you per book for downloading. It is the same as paying money to buy a book at the store; the only thing is that an eBook could cost you less.

 Not only that, you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the exact book you want. Key in the name of the book and/or the author and the name of the publisher and you get to read it right away! When you search online for eBook library, you will find ones that have fiction as well as non-fiction books. Some libraries are solely dedicated to a particular subject like religion, spirituality, wildlife, romance novels and so on.

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