The Lifecycle of SAAS Software Development

Posted by stevemartin on August 6th, 2014

SAAS or Software as a Service, also known as “on-demand” software, is basically a model used to license and deliver software. This delivery model is now gaining popularity and finds takers in various streams including CRM, content management, document management, portals, help desk and support. A SAAS development company offers customized software development, which is provided to customers on a subscription basis. This software is centrally hosted in a secure server and clients can access it remotely via browser.

The most important reason why companies are moving to SAAS software development is due to its cost effectiveness. It helps reduce expenses on hardware and software maintenance. Also, it provides an integrated approach to maintain all the essential systems in your organization.

The lifecycle of a SAAS software development has the following steps:

Envisioning: This stage involves looking for new opportunities or identifying new avenues of development in existing operations. The SAAS development company will look for ways to improve your organization’s discoverability and reach in this first stage of development.

Platform Evaluation: Once the basic goals are set, the next stage involves identifying the right type of cloud service provider that meets your organization’s requirements. The people involved should also describe the cloud platform’s architecture and functional aspects.

Planning: The third stage of SAAS software development, planning should be done based on the establishment’s cultural aspects as well as the financial goals. Resource plan, design specifics as well as architectural design should be finalized at this stage.

Subscribing: This fourth stage of the lifecycle involves various key people including, chief security officer, information architect, cloud expert, IT professional and a solution architect.

Developing: The next stage is developing the actual product. In this stage, all the key personals such as project manager, solution architect, developer, IT professional, end user and cloud expert work together to develop the software application. In this stage, all the technicalities and functionalities that were designed and created in the previous stages are translated into action, in this case translated into code.

Operations: The actual work of using the developed software is done in this stage. The SAAS development company will encourage the client to bring in more end users to use the software in order to evaluate its performance.

All the stages of the SAAS software development involve many stakeholders and the expertise of each and every team member will ensure efficient completion of the life cycle.

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