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Posted by davidsmith9028 on August 6th, 2014

The settlement of the property and estate after the death of the owner can be quite messy. Often the court or a representative of the court mediates in between the probable owners. The probate court as it is known to make sure that the will provided or available is really and the property or estate settlement is done according to the conditions mentioned in the will.  Often the owner leave a will behind him for their heirs, however the court makes sure that the will is original. The process of assuring the genuineness of the will is known as probate of the will. It is essential to provide the will for probate in court to assess genuineness of the will and rightful distribution of the property of the descendents to the heirs.

After the death of the descendant, the person holding the will, which is in general, is a lawyer becomes representative of the deceased. He is responsible for probate in Singapore. Hence it is essential to choose such person for probate who can be relied upon like a probate lawyer. The lawyer will make sure that the will stays in good hands, away from any harm or influence. The lawyer must have the given qualities:

  • Trusted: he can be trusted with the responsibility of the will. While handing over the will to a person, the descendant wants to be sure whether the person will take care of the will properly or not.
  • Confidentiality: since the will is a private affair of the descendant, it should not be disclosed without his permission or until his death. One must make sure the lawyer maintains the confidentiality of the will for as long as the descendant desires.
  • Unbiased or influence free: the lawyer must take unbiased stand and stay influence free from anyone. He should not disclose the facts to anyone about the will. Even if the heirs are asking, the details should not be disclosed without the permission of the client. The lawyer must not make any changes in the will without the permission of the descendant.

As per the law for will and probate in Singapore, the will should not be hidden, damaged in any way. If a person is found doing this, he is liable for a strict punishment according to the law of Singapore. Make sure your will probate is conducted in the right manner as per the court order under the guidance of a good lawyer. 

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