Disadvantages of Blow Moulding

Posted by sere on January 14th, 2021

1. It creates a huge impact on the environment.

As this technology depends greatly on petroleum and is an integral part in producing polymer, it carries a huge risk on the destruction of the environment. Aside from the fact that it contributes to the diminishing oil resources, it creates plastic that is not biodegrade. In a sense, it can increase plastic production, but it cannot remove the environmental risks its products bring.

2. It is highly dependent on petroleum.

Like the gas industry, the blow molding sector highly relies on millions of gallons of petroleum to be able to produce plastic product. As oil is an essential factor in thermoplastics that is becoming automated and more streamlined, the technology has become an ongoing threat to the diminishing oil supply in the world.

3. It comes with limited uses.

Considering that blow molding is limited to hollow forms, such as bottles and plastic containers, and air pressure is essential to the process, it would come with limited uses. For example, it will experience difficulties with wall thickness, which is difficult to control.

4. It requires a lot of production methods.

While it is an advantage that this technology uses multiple production methods, it can be a disadvantage. As you can see, it would need more resources and the process could not be streamlined, thus removing correspondence in the process.

5. It requires process and material precision that creates waste.

Although this technology already uses automation to produce huge quantities of products, it is still limited to hollow forms. Considering that thickness should be precise, it can result in wasted material from processing containers with specific dimensions. Though thermoplastic is stretched to save on material, it can also lead to substandard products.

Indeed, the process of blow molding has taken the world of plastics to another level and the way people transport goods, with quick production and high volumes of output that allowed us produce receptacles at a lower cost for consumers around the world. However, it also comes with some disadvantages that we need to consider and build an opinion on whether it is best to make as a commonality, or not.

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