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Posted by JamesPark493 on August 6th, 2014

People sees a multitude of lights in many different color while they are flying over an airport. They know the basic thing, that it helps the pilot to see the tracks for a safe landing and take-off . But the are not aware what do the different colors mean. Runway lighting systems are very important for flying field safety, as it helps in reducing the number of runway confusion and accidents. For safe management of air traffic, airport lighting cannot be overstated. The system through which lighting is monitored and controlled are a key focus in investing for technology developers.

Airport runway lighting system plays a important role in the safety of flight operations. It assists the aircraft for safe landing and taking off. They are of crucial importance at airports where there is heavy traffic. The IT systems are completely involved to make the lighting systems simpler, quicker and more reliable. The primary concern for the airport authorities is quality and safety. There is absolutely no margin for any faults with air field markings when aircraft comes in to land on a runway where planes are taking off and land at a regular interval. Airfield lighting systems are not same everywhere. A large commercial airport has many different lighting systems to indicate the airport layout and to guide the pilots. A small runway may have simple lighting just to outline the edges, and some very small private airfields have no night lighting at all. However, where lighting is available, the use of that lighting and the colors used are consistent.

Airfield lighting contractors of Charleston use standardized lighting that helps the pilots to see the direction and enables the ground crew to identify all the movements. To guide the pilots in differentiating between runways and major roads, airports runways are installed with rotating beacon lights. These beacons usually flash green and white lights to indicate a civilian airport. These beacons are visible from longer distance before the entire airport is perceptible. They look attractive to the passengers but they actually behave as guides for the pilots. To know more about runway lights you can explore on the web for them. You can find various contractors for work for the same. You will find everything related to these lights, their uses, meaning of different colors, indication and much more. The pilot and the crew know the importance of these lights, as they prevent from accidents and help in safe landing and takeoff.

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