Receding Gums Surgery ? An Overvierw

Posted by drsamkhoury on August 6th, 2014

When dealing with receding gums the periodontist has to decide on the cause of receding gum line and then offer the proper treatment to the patients. Receding gums are a serious problem faced by several people all over the world. It is a serious matter and people do not hesitate in spending a lot of money on gum surgery leading to discomfort and further complications. Choosing gum surgery without knowing the exact cause of gum recession can lead to such issues. Thus searching for experienced periodontist is essential before you take any step.

Gum recession is in fact the result of a much more serious problem which is known as periodontal gum disease. It is a slow progressing disease that goes together with many other conditions to which it contributes such as receding gums, gingivitis, bleeding gums, chronic bad breath (halitosis), loose teeth, and sore gums. Moreover according to experts there are several other complications that may be connected to gum disease. It is found that gum disease is the cause of other diseases such as heart disease, strokes, and other infections.

Receding gums surgery for gum grafting is one of the solutions that dentists offer to patients who have increasingly apparent disease that is progressive and there may not be other options feasible. It is clearly a dental procedure easily treated by Dr Sam Khoury of Yardley PA. Most common cause of receding gums is brushing your teeth too hard. Since the gums are made of soft tissues, pressure can cause damage to the tissue and even a hard bristled brush can harm them.

Using soft bristled toothbrush and brushing in a right manner can alleviate any tooth problem. If the patient is suffering from any dental diseases then the dentist can take a note and treat it to prevent receding gums further. Since gum recession is a slowly progressive diseases it is not known by the patient himself. Visiting a periodontist periodically for checkups can avert such severe problems to a great extent.

In event of severe damage to the teeth a dentist can suggest dental implants. Dental implants Yardley PA are another option offered by periodontists for damaged teeth due to some accident or mishap.

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