Addiction - A Disease? Or Simply A Choice?

Posted by mia1988madison on August 6th, 2014

Two words, disease, choice. Two simple words that maybe aren't so simple. There are no two words that become instantly controversial and cause such a huge reaction and powerful debate. Even those that have not had struggles personally, or had family member that has been affected by addiction. Everyone has an opinion.

Jodee Prouse, a motivational speaker on addiction, has written a powerful, heart-wrenching alcoholism book, which details her childhood trauma and eventual fight to save her adult brother from the darkness of addiction. Told from the perspective of the family member, not the addict, it is a graphic true account of what it really feels like trying to stop someone you love that you know is killing themselves slowly, one day at a time.

The Sun is Gone, coming soon, is not your typical alcoholism book. Told in present tense (in real time) bringing the reader into the disturbing world of addiction. A bumpy, roller coaster ride of twists & turns that will leave you rooting for the kind, softspoken boy that has now grown into a man. Jodee Prouse, is careful not to give her opinions, instead allowing the reader to decide for themselves. Whether it is childhood trauma, environment, our parents or heredity. Does any of this play a part or does one simply just decide to become an addict?

This story may just challenge you on everything you think you believe.

Jodee Prouse, is a mother, author & motivational speaker Canada. She would be a welcome guest at a middle school, high school, college, treatment center or event. Jodee Prouse, shares her personal story of a bond between brother and sister. A handsome (gorgeous actually), popular, funny, kind teenager on the outside but on the inside he was shy, lacked confidence and showed small symptoms of anxiety. Alcohol changed all that. At least for a while.

As a Keynote speaker Canada she encourages young people, and their parents to see some early warning signs. To encourage communication without being ashamed, the effects of self-medicating and to always, no matter what you are struggling with choose hope.

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