Exercise Helps In Evading The Post Treatment Effects Of Radiation

Posted by Lewisvilleflower on August 6th, 2014

Radiation therapy is considered to be the best treatment to deal breast cancer and prostate cancer. In radiation therapy hundreds of thin beams of radiation are delivered on the precise tumor location from any angle. The basic advantage of this therapy is that the cancerous cells are directly treated by high doses, but the nearby tissues remain unaffected.

After cancer treatment especially after radiation, exercise plays a vital role in helping the cancer patient to get the strength and fitness back of the body. When doing continuous exercise after treatment, patients get better energy, flexibility and cardiovascular state. Certain postural implications often arise after mastectomy and lymph node dissection get complex by radiation. The doctors recommend that with the proper combination of strengthening and stretching, many of such problems can be evade to a certain extent.

Radiation to a particular area makes the tissue tight and disfigured. This ultimately will tend to postural deviations. A thorough postural assessment can conclude what areas need to be stretched to relieve spasm and tightness and what parts need to be strengthened to create a counter balance. Many patients experience fatigue long after radiation therapy, to deal with such situation cardiovascular exercise are must as they produce endorphins that provide needed energy to the body of the patient.

Radiation can also have a detrimental effect on lungs and heart that can be cured by regular cardiovascular exercise program. Swimming is also a good exercise for relieving tight muscles. Breast cancer patients who have suffered an auxiliary node dissection can attain utmost relief from swimming.

Patients who have experienced radiation on the lymph nodes or vessels or a lymph node dissection may suffer from lymphedema after some time. It is the swelling of the area where radiation had done. It is irreversible and permanent in nature which is painful and disfiguring. Daily exercise helps the patient to overcome from this problem. Patients that do exercise experience less, shoulder pain, neck pain and reduced active muscle trigger points.

Apart from daily exercise, the patient should also take proper care to prevent from infection.

· Always avoid large gathering.

· Never share personal toilet articles, like paste, toothbrush, soap, etc.

· Always take extra care for your personal hygiene.

· Avoid eating uncooked food items like meat, salads or vegetables.

· Clean your toothbrush daily.

· Wash dishes with hot sudsy water.

· Never eat leftover food or share food from the same plate.

There are many cancer treatment centers in North Texas that are renowned for their best radiation therapies. Apart from delivering impeccable medical services they also assist their patients with post treatment support. They offer frequent training sessions to surmount the side effects of the therapies!!

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