Divorce Mediation - Less Costly Alternative Than A Traditional Divorce

Posted by Surreymediationservice on August 6th, 2014

When we talk about divorce, two things come in our mind, firstly, the mental stress and secondly the separation of children. Divorce mediation is a process in which you and your spouse seek advice of a third party for mutual separation. This third party is known as a divorce mediator, he is not only educated as well as well-trained to perform the duty at legal grounds. The expert who will look after your case is on a neutral platform so that he can make fair interaction with you and your partner.

How effective divorce mediation is?

In the traditional divorce procedure, both the parties suffer from financial burdens because lawyer as well as court trial charge lots of money. The fees of registering the case are too much that a person does not understand where to go and what to do. The dilemma continues even after the case has started because continuous trial sessions are lined up without any definite outcome. Whereas in divorce mediation, both the parties can negotiate, talk and get mutual results up to certain limits with the help of a professional who is known as a divorce mediator. These experts are available outside the court, but it is hard to find them in numbers, so the best way is to approach them is online.

The professionals are qualified, submissive and cover the following issues-

· Liabilities and assets (division of property)

· Custody of the child and time of parenting

· Maintenance as well as child hold up

· Retirement and taxes

All above mentioned issues are solved by the mediator at registered office premise or online. Thus, instead of spending money into so many trials, it is better to get a mediator hired for solution done in agreement. Thus, save money on expensive attorney fee, court expenses. On the other hand prevent long term mental stress that is caused by court trials.

About the Surrey Mediation Service:
Surrey mediation service was established in July 2010. By the end of March 2013 it made a special niche as mediate UK Ltd. It has shown significant approach in mediation services and registered itself in England as well. Those couples or citizens who are not able to afford the legal aid can acquire services of family, divorce mediation from surrey mediation service easily. To know more and to obtain services please visit the following website http://www.surreymediationservice.co.uk/.

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