Family Mediation An Alternative Dispute Mediation Technique

Posted by Surreymediationservice on August 6th, 2014

The strings of a family are very closely attached, but when the strings break up, it is really hard to tie them together without leaving a mark or joint. Family problems are on one hand, emotionally draining; on the other hand it costs a handsome amount of money too. Family disputes are generally the ones which take longer time to be resolved through the court. The problem that lies in this practice is that both the parties are completely aware of the positives and negative aspects of each other’s case and point of view. So both the parties along with their solicitor try to discover new ways to beat the opposing party’s point. Such an approach tends to stretch the time period of the family dispute cases in the court, and the final decision is often inclined towards one party only. In a bid to win the case, people also are not much more receptive about the after effects of the results and generally end up being the talk of the town. Since the hearings are held in public, anyone can peep into the personal matters openly and can derive a sadistic pleasure out of your personal case.

The solution: family mediation technique

As a better and far more organized way, family mediation techniques have emerged out to escalate, people from unwanted family disputes in London. The family mediation technique is unique in approach as it is not based upon arguing; rather it is based upon organized planning and counseling. There is a single mediator who tries to scoop out the best solution for both the parties and is unbiased in form and proceedings. The working mechanism of family mediators in London does not include voicing a single party’s demand or aspects; it includes a meaningful representation of present resources and possibilities of negotiations instead. Whether it is about a divorce agreement, or some property dispute, family mediators will initially try to work the things out better at the first step. If working out some solution is not a feasible possibility, they would carefully decide, on behalf of the parties, what assets and resources are currently available for the division. Now family mediation services also include a legally binding document which both parties have to finally agree with and abide by in the future. Family mediation has emanated as an ace of all dispute resolving techniques due to the incorporation of legal terms and condition in addition to the counseling techniques.

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