Reasons for pursuing a BCA course in the best university in Delhi

Posted by Amity university on January 14th, 2021

If you ask the education experts, you will find out that choosing a career in the IT industry is the best bet for your future. If you have a slight interest in this field, you can pursue a foundational course and seek job opportunities in the industry. One of the popular courses that will make you eligible for IT-related jobs is a bachelor in computer application (BCA) course. Pursuing this course in a BCA college in Delhi University will deliver the best scopes to enter this field and build a superior career.

What is a BCA Course?

It is a technical course that offers a curriculum of three years where candidates learn many core concepts and skills. They learn computer languages, operating systems, database management, software design, logical analysis, server technology, etc. The elaborate course conducted by the best university for BCA in Delhi prepares these aspirants for the industry. There are 6 semesters conducted that prepare the foundation of knowledge step by step. This knowledge is then used to pursue another specialized course or a job in the industry.

Reasons for pursuing BCA

  • Foundation course

As mentioned earlier, a BCA course is considered to be the foundation course in computer application. It delivers the overall knowledge of different domains in this field. This course provides the ideal guide to the aspirants to find the right specialization course or a domain to find career opportunities in the future.

  • Studying MCA becomes easier

The master’s course in computer application becomes easier when you have already completed your BCA course from a BCA college in Delhi University. This course has all the subjects mandated by the education board. The prime knowledge of all these subjects helps students identify the right domain to work on. In a BCA course, the students will scout the dimensions and find their passion to follow. They will discover their interests and find a suitable specialization to pursue in an MCA course in the future.

  • Job prospects

The candidates should be aware of the job prospects after completing a BCA course. they should scout the opportunities in the IT industry beforehand and then venture for a BCA course in one of the top colleges in Delhi NCR. This knowledge becomes more profound when you pursue a course in the best university for BCA in Delhi. The placement rounds conducted by the college will deliver this knowledge. Students can also interact with the alumni to find out future job prospects. The average remuneration attracted by a BCA graduate is quite lucrative.

  • Startups and management

The IT industry in India is a lucrative market for startups. New ideas and services are sought by domestic and international companies. Setting up a company is also away when you have done your BCA. You can also go for IT management programs and complete your MBA.


All these reasons and scopes of doing BCA will only become a reality when you choose the right college. Pursue the course in the top BCA college in Delhi University for a better future.

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