Brass Round Bars Manufacturers in Mumbai

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Types of brass bars

Bars consisting of copper and zinc are called two-component or simple. Multicomponent alloys can include metals: bismuth, lead, manganese, tin, etc. The content of alloying metal determines the sort of brass: lead, tin, manganese.

Brass Round Bars are available in round, square, rectangular and hexagonal sections. Pressed and drawn. consistent with the state of the alloy, Brass Round Bars are distinguished: soft, semi-hard, hard. The manufacturing accuracy is high, increased, and normal.

Bars are supplied in coils and lengths. counting on the needs of the customer, the merchandise meets certain requirements and has certain mechanical properties.

Brass Round Bars are manufactured consistent with Indian regulations or foreign standards (EN). The diameters of the manufactured products vary from 3 to 220 mm.

Application of brass rods

Brass Round Bars are utilized in every branch of commercial production:

• mechanical engineering;

• shipbuilding;

• automotive industry;

• in the assembly of space and aviation technology;

• in the manufacture of parts and watch cases;

• instrumentation;

• chemical production;

• in the assembly of parts: fittings, nuts, screws, etc.

The bar is employed within the food industry. It becomes a neighborhood of processing equipment, separator units, cooking units, low food pipelines. In devices that often interact with liquids, where maximum corrosion resistance of the fabric is required.

Brass is employed in decoration. the fabric lends itself well to polishing, takes the specified shape and retains it. a pleasing yellow color adorns the inside .

Tin brass is seawater resistant. they're utilized in shipbuilding. Lead brass are often cut well. they're wont to make small parts for the watch industry, make screws, rivets, nuts and more. Brass Round BarsLZhMts59-1-1 are wont to make parts for aircraft and sea vessels, as they need increased strength and resistance to corrosion.

The physical properties of Brass Round Bars allow them to be easily processed by cutting, stamping, and milling.Brass Round Bars Manufacturers in Mumbai, Brass Round Bars Suppliers in Mumbai, Brass Round Bars Exporters in Mumbai, Brass Round Bars Importers in Mumbai.

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