How to use step aerobics

Posted by Allen Lee on January 14th, 2021

Board operation as a form of aerobics has increasingly become a fashionable way to lose weight. The pedal operation is aerobic aerobics, which is different from general aerobics in that the movements and steps of aerobics are done on the pedal. Step aerobics has all the characteristics of aerobics, plus its height can be adjusted, bodybuilders can easily maintain the effective intensity of exercise to lose weight according to their own conditions, and more effectively improve their own coordination.

The effect of step aerobics
The pedal operation is aerobic aerobics, which is a long-term, medium-to-low-intensity exercise with sufficient oxygen. Exercising at this intensity will make your legs stronger, and the muscle lines will be more slender, which effectively solves the problem of sagging buttocks. In addition, the stretching and stretching in the step aerobics makes your movements more flexible and lighter. .

Adapt to the crowd: It is suitable for all people to exercise, especially women who sit in the office for a long time, lack of exercise in their legs, and friends who want their legs to become strong and healthy and change their sagging buttocks.

Step aerobics is a good aerobic exercise, as long as the method is correct, it can effectively lose excess fat. Stand upright behind the horizontal board in the preparation position.

Benefits of fitness pedal

Step aerobics is both aerobic training and strength training

When going up and down the pedals, you can hold heavy objects such as dumbbells for strength training.

Patients with osteoporosis can also improve bone strength through this training.

Increased endurance helps us gain in real life

When doing step aerobics, it takes 45-60 minutes to finish a class, which can improve our endurance.

Moreover, stepping is a practical action. We need to step on stairs and mountain climbing.

Pedal training can help us last longer when we walk a long way.

The effect of plastic exercise board on the knee

Compared with skipping rope and running, it has less impact on leg joints.

Practical, can be used at home

The pedal is cost-effective and occupies a small area. You can also practice video teaching at home.

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