The benefits of Botox from a Botox Cheshire clinic

Posted by elitekhandental on August 8th, 2014

From getting rid of the horrid wrinkles to stopping excessive and embarrassing sweat; Botox has so many different benefits that most just aren’t aware of. Botox is still quite new but it’s proven to be completely safe so here we look at the many benefits of Botox when applied at a professional Botox Cheshire Clinic.

Derived from Clostridium Botulinium, Botox is actually a bacteria. It has the effect of freezing muscles and was originally used to treat spasms, especially over active eye spasms but was soon discovered to be super effective at treating crow’s feet and superficial wrinkles too. Whilst this is still very much the most popular use for Botox there are many other reasons for using it such as helping those with hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. Most people who suffer from this would simply be given prescription anti-per spirants proving to be only mildly effective and for which the long-term effects are unknown. Botox however can actually balance the problem and relieve the sufferer of symptoms for several months at a time.

Botox is also now used as a treatment for migraines too. Many medical experts believe the Botox actually blocks sensory nerves that send messages of pain to the brain. Not only is this but it known to relax muscles which in turn is believed to make them less sensitive to an onslaught of pain. People who have received Botox for help with migraines have reported a drop in their migraines by half and in some cases more, with all remaining migraines a lot less severe.

Studies have also recently suggested that men with enlarged prostates can get relief from the Botox injections. Unlike the recipients of injections for wrinkles or excessive sweating that find results lasting several months, Botox for enlarged prostates have been known to last for up to an entire year. By injecting into the prostate gland directly, problems like urine infections and frequent urination are improved dramatically.

When it comes to Botox there is even hope for the future with medical professionals now suggesting it may prove to be a useful treatment for arthritic pain. Early studies have shown a decrease in pain along with an improvement in function for varying types of arthritis.

Botox has proved itself to be more than beneficial in many fields. For now however, it’s ability to banish the fine lines and wrinkles we so desperately try to cover up is what makes it so popular. For those looking for a younger fresher look then a visit to one of the best private dentists Cheshire has to offer is all that’s needed. At Elite Khan, Dr Khan and Dr Mears both specialise in facial aesthetics including Botox and Dermal Fillers so if you’re looking for a professional Botox Cheshire Clinic then Elite Khan is the place to go.

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