5 Smart Ways You Can Disassemble Home Furniture for a Hassle-Free Move

Posted by teamremoval on January 14th, 2021

You will come across several challenges when moving your house from one city to another.

You would require to give your best if want to make your relocation sail smooth. It is not just about packing stuff into designated boxes, how you would deal with heavy furniture around your house?

A couple of furniture pieces call for professional disassembling, handling, and additional effort and time when moving house.

Here are the five smart useful tips to disassemble furniture for a smooth relocation:

1. Downsize some of your home furniture

Before you move, look around your house to figure out whether you need to move all that furniture or not when you relocate. You may find a couch and a coffee table that require complete replacement because they’re old, falling apart, or you do not use these items anymore.

You can give the sofa or table away to one of your friends, or a neighbor. Sell the pieces of furniture you do not require to pocket a few cool bucks in the process. You can leave old furniture in your old house and leave them for those who are moving into the property.

2. Take measurements

Not all furniture requires disassembling, many of them will when you move house. To understand which of the items can remain in one piece, take appropriate measurements of the doorways and hallways so that the furniture pieces may fit through easily. You need to measure your furniture too for an easy move.

Some of the heavy furniture items may require disassembling and therefore, you should do it carefully without causing any damage. There are some furniture pieces or parts you cannot disassemble. Therefore, if you fail to take parts off, avoid applying force to avoid breakage.

3. Use furniture instruction manuals

When you need to disassemble expensive furniture when you relocate, keep instructions manuals handy.

For instance, if you have furniture from IKEA or similar brands, you will get an instruction booklet that comes with the items so that you can do disassembling with ease during relocation.

When you managed to assemble the pieces by yourself, the same way you take apart the pieces when preparing to load your furniture in the truck. Therefore, read the instruction manuals carefully. In case, there are no instructions about disassembling, follow the assembling guidelines in the opposite order.

4. Take help from family members or neighbors

Disassembling furniture takes much of your time and effort and therefore, you should take the assistance of your family members or neighbors. These things become simpler and effortless when have helping hands.

5. Use the right disassembling tools

When you finally start to disassemble your furniture during a move, you will need to keep the right tools handy.

These include a hammer, screwdriver, Lineman’s pliers, and wrench essentially. Then, you should know how to use these tools without injuring yourself. If you are unsure, always take the help of professional removalists for a smooth relocation without damaging your expensive furniture.

Wrapping up

Follow these simple tips for disassembling furniture for a hassle-free move. After all, moving your house with all the furniture is not that difficult as you think! Happy relocation!

Article Source : https://www.teamremovals.com.au/5-smart-ways-you-can-disassemble-home-furniture-for-a-hassle-free-move/

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