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Posted by AllmaJess on August 9th, 2014

Who does not want to build an eco-friendly home at this age and time when utility bills have a pain in the neck for most homeowners? If you love the idea of building sustainable home interiors, buying cork tiles for that purpose would be a wise decision. Wood floors and carpets have been in use through decades, and you may consider replacing your wooden floor with cork tiles. Cork is a relatively new material being in use for flooring purposes since only very recently, and there are many city homeowners who choose cork over many other traditional and commonplace materials. Cork has long been dubbed as anti-allergenic and insect-resistant material, not to mention the material is highly durable as well. If you are looking for an eco-friendly home, looking for a cork tile dealer in your area stands an imperative. There are many dealers who offer now excellent post-sales support and installation services.

Cork tiling – The basics

Cork that is used for tiling and flooring is sourced from oak trees. It is the outer bark of the cork oak trees, and not the wood, which is used for making fine sheets. The sustainable and green flooring products that are made of cork are largely made of cork. Farmers strip off the cork oak tree bark once in every 10-12 years. After that, the bark is dried and seasoned through another decade. At the end, the seasoned products undergo a final touch in the manufactories and various flooring products are made from it. Since the trees are not cut for making the tiles and similar products and only the bark is collected, these materials are considered more sustainable and eco-friendly than the wooden tiles.

What are the benefits of having cork tiling at home?

Cork floors offer numerous benefits to the homeowners, aside the ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ essence. Cork floors are smoother than wooden ones, and are considered ideal for kids’ rooms. Cork tiles have outstanding heat and sound conduction capabilities. There are many homeowners in the US and elsewhere who love the scratch-free attribute of this type of floors. These tiles are immune to habitual wear and tear. Moreover, the online retailers and dealers of flooring materials and cork flooring specialists offer a wide range of colour options. You can also find different textures, designs etc while shopping for tiles and other flooring materials made of cork oak tree bark online.  

Buy tiles online to get competitive price and other offers

If you are looking for cork tiles, planks and other types of accessories as well as for professionals that can help you with the installation part, you can look up Google to fond flooring experts and vendors near your home. Factory-direct dealers and distributors of tiles have their forte in cork underlayment, flooring and related services. Moreover, you can get a good value for money while buying cork tile online from factory-direct suppliers. Cork tiling products need to comply with US health and safety standards, keep this in mind.

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