Law of Attraction: The Complete Guide. How To Use The Law Of Attraction

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Law of Attraction: The Complete Guide. How To Use The Law Of Attraction Many famous people use the law of attraction for their goals. For example Jim Carrey. The actor keeps mentioning the importance of visualization and belief in one’s own goals. In this video, he shows how he used the law of resonance for himself, and how it helped him in difficult times to stay motivated and achieve his goals. In the following sections, we will explain in detail what the law of attraction is, how it works, and above all how you can use it for yourself and your goals. So take the time to read the following article carefully and use the law of attraction to make your goals a reality. Law of Attraction — What is it? The law of attraction, also known as the law of resonance or the principle of resonance, is a universal and scientifically proven law. Even if many people think of mysticism or even magic, it is a law that is real and influences the lives of each of us. Just like the law of gravity. Let’s stay with the example of gravity. So if you know how gravity works, you also know what happens when you throw a stone in the air. He will fall down. Even if you don’t know exactly why you still know what’s going to happen. So you have a choice: do you ignore the law and drop the stone on the ground, or do you catch it? It is roughly the same as the law of attraction. It makes a lot more sense to interpret foreseeable events for your own benefit. So benefit from the law of resonance and let your dreams come true. The law of resonance says: like attracts like. Each of us sends certain signals to our environment. It is crucial whether these signals are positive or negative. You also attract what you radiate. Signals can be thoughts. The law of resonance is general and applies to everything. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a person, an object or an attitude towards certain things. Even feelings and thoughts are enough to draw positive things into your life. The resonance principle makes no exceptions. How does the law of attraction work? The law of attraction is already recognized and established in modern science. It has been proven that the law has a certain influence on certain events, as we saw with Jim Carrey. However, not much is known about the exact mode of action of the law of resonance. But that’s not a problem. Because there are hardly any scientific theories that have been fully researched. Even the law of gravity still has gaps We know that the law of resonance is closely related to your inner relationship with your environment. So it is important that you become aware of how exactly you interact and communicate with your surroundings. Do you see yourself as an active part of your environment or rather as a passive part? Do you think that you influence things or that things influence you? The fact is, your external influence on your surroundings is greater than you might think. Your thoughts and feelings play a big role here. The mere fact of how you perceive and process certain things can have a major impact on those around you. You also get the signals you send back from your surroundings. When you have understood and internalized this principle, you are ready to make your life happier. So never forget: As an active part, you yourself are the key to your own happiness. You always have complete control over your life. At this point, you may not yet be convinced of the law of attraction, and it may still look like magic to you. It’s probably because we’re talking about abstract subjects like thoughts and feelings. It is quite difficult to imagine that thoughts and feelings can affect the physical world around us. Let’s take the stone example with gravity again. You can see very clearly that the stone falls to the ground after you throw it up. The effects of gravity are visible to you and you can experience them immediately. Unfortunately, this is not always so direct with thoughts and feelings. Fortunately, advances in technology and science allow us to see the effects of our thoughts up close and personal. As with a stone thrown through the air, there are experiments that demonstrate the immediate effect of thoughts and feelings. Believe it or not, there is indeed plenty of scientific evidence that our thoughts all have a direct impact on ourselves and the environment around us. We have put together the two largest studies on the law of attraction for you: The experiment with aging In 1979 the power of thought was tested against the aging process in people. Seniors between the ages of 70 and 80 took part in a one-week experiment. They were not told that it was an experiment on the aging process. The seniors were divided into two groups. Both groups should travel into the past 20 years. The first group should imagine being in 1959. The other group, however, behaved entirely like that. They watched films from that time, listened to the music and discussed current issues at the time. And all in the present. The result: Both groups have improved their health. The second group, who pretended to be living in 1959, was significantly more. In addition to lower blood pressure, some of them have even improved their eyesight and hearing. And all of this only through the power of thought. The meditation experiment in Washington D.C In 1993 a group of 4,000 people volunteered to work for less crime in Washington D.C. to meditate. The results speak for themselves: after just one month of meditation, the crime rate in Washington has dropped by 25%. This experiment was also able to prove that the power of thoughts already has a clear impact on our environment. How can I use the law of resonance for myself? Now that you have understood what the law of resonance is and how it works, in this section, we want to explain to you how you can actually use it. Since the law of resonance is a universal law, it encompasses pretty much all areas of life. So now think carefully about what you ultimately want to use the law of attraction for. What exactly is it that you want from the bottom of your heart? The law of resonance and money It is obvious that most people have an interest in the law of attraction for financial reasons. After all, financial security is one of our deepest basic needs. In no case should you make your life purely materialistic. However, each of us would like a certain security. It is the basic instinct that slumbers in all of us. Don’t limit the law of attraction to purely financial goals, however. It encompasses all possible areas of our life. So if you manage to consciously align your life with the law of resonance, you will notice the first results financially relatively quickly. Among other things, your career will experience an upswing. You will get along better with your work colleagues and have a more pleasant working day. Furthermore, you will get job offers that you previously thought impossible. You will handle interviews with ease and things will go uphill. People who have internalized the law of resonance also report money that they literally found on the street. The law of resonance and love Each of us wants to love and be loved. Day by day we plunge into the wildest adventures in search of love. We start doing things that we never thought possible. Adjust our lives to that one person because we love them. With the law of resonance you can of course also attract people. If you make use of the resonance principle, you will appear happier on the outside. Not only will you be more attractive to those around you, but you will also be able to open your heart and be at peace with your thoughts. The down-to-earth attitude that you will gain will make you irresistible to those around you. Being in tune with your thoughts has decisive advantages. No matter whether you are looking for a partner or maintaining relationships. You know exactly who you are, what defines you and what you want. You are less concerned with yourself and more with your partner, which they will appreciate. The law of resonance and health As already mentioned a few times, the principle of resonance already works with thoughts. These and our feelings have a major impact on our health. Scientific theories like the placebo effect prove the potential effects of our minds and thoughts on our health. Regardless of the placebo effect, the law of attraction acts in a similar way. For example, a positive attitude towards age, i.e. whether you feel young or not, can have an impact on the body’s natural aging process. In this case, your body would show less signs of aging, as shown in the experiment above. The law of resonance and spirituality The law of resonance is one of the great laws of the spiritual world. Without the law of resonance, a large part of this world would not function. So it stands to reason that people who are on the spiritual path should familiarize themselves with the law of resonance. The law of attraction connects you to the spiritual world. It adds a new path to your spiritual journey. Not only will new spiritual powers reveal themselves to you, you will also better understand your relationship with the universe. As a spiritual body in this universe, you are connected to everything and everything is connected to you. You can tell by how great your influence is on your environment. The law of resonance and the joy of life It is remarkable how stressful a bad day can be. If something goes wrong, literally everything goes wrong that day. This can be explained relatively easily with the law of resonance. If something negative happens to you, let yourself be influenced by the environment and not the other way around. Your mood will also turn negative after this negative event. This in turn influences your next actions, because as you know: you get the signals that you send back. Since these are negative, as we have just read, your next action will also be negative. So the disaster takes its course and a bad day begins. First and foremost, you can use the law of resonance for more joie de vivre by simply bringing the basic principle in mind over and over again. Positive leads to positive, negative leads to negative. It all starts in your head. If you want to live a happier life, make it happen by getting negative thoughts out of the way. Control your life and don’t let it control you. When you understand and internalize this principle, you will have more fun and happiness in life. Successfully applying the law of attraction: 4 easy steps to the goal Now that you know what the law of resonance is, how powerful it is, and how you can use it for yourself, we now come to practical step-by-step instructions that should help you apply the law of resonance in your everyday life to integrate. These instructions are intended to help you formulate your dreams into concrete goals and implement them. As is often the case with spiritual theories, with the Law of Attraction it is extremely important to work on your attitude. You have to be completely convinced of the law of resonance and firmly believe that you can use it to fulfill your dreams. It usually helps to observe everyday situations. Search specifically for the law of resonance in everyday life and internalize its mode of action with the simplest examples. Step 1: What do you want to use the law of resonance for? Regardless of whether you want to quit smoking, want to get out of bed faster in the morning, or have made up your mind to find the love of your life: The law of resonance begins, like most laws, with setting goals. You need to be aware of what exactly you are trying to achieve with the law of attraction. What do you want to wear and what signals do you have to send out? Only when you have defined your goals can you provide an answer to these two questions. So take a little more time for this step and don’t rush into anything. Much more important than actually defining it is visualizing your goal. Illustrate the upcoming change in your mind. Your brain will automatically prepare you and your body for this. In addition, you must never classify your goal as unrealistic or unreachable for you. No doubt should arise when you think about your goal. It has to feel nice and have a motivating and at the same time calming effect on you. Then and only then can you be sure that you have internalized your goal and are ready for the change in your life. We have prepared a little exercise to help you visualize your goal better. It has been shown to be good practice to visualize the goal with all 5 senses: How does it look like? What does it smell like? How does it sound What does it taste like? How does it feel? Don’t get demotivated if you can’t necessarily perceive your goal with all 5 senses. That doesn’t mean your goal isn’t well defined. For example, it can become difficult to perceive the dream of a new home with the sense of taste. In this case, do not think about the house and how the house tastes, but think about breakfast together that you will have with your partner and your family in the new house. It’s also important that you don’t just focus on the goal itself. Also think about the aftermath. You want to change something in your life. What will happen with this change? What will the consequences be? You have to let all these things go through your head and think through before you can internalize your goal. Most people fear uncertainty. This makes it all the more important that you take the panic away from yourself by reflecting on the effects of the planned changes. It also makes your goal more tangible and sharpens the vision of the whole. Prepare your mind and body for this shift. Internalize and visualize your goal as your mind does not distinguish between reality and imagination. Regardless of whether it is real or not, it will prepare your body for the upcoming change and thus give positive signals to your surroundings. Step 2: love yourself! Put simply, if you don’t believe in something yourself, you won’t get it. We instinctively fight fear and self-doubt with sentences like: “Don’t be afraid” or “You deserve it”. Unfortunately, these thoughts do not help us in any way, they actually have the opposite effect. They manifest the fear and self-doubt more deeply. We have to become aware of ourselves that everyone makes mistakes. It’s difficult to completely get rid of doubts, fears, or the thought that you don’t deserve something. That is not the aim of this step either. The goal should be to accept these kinds of thoughts and approach them with love. Only in this way will you be able to send uniform signals to your surroundings. Otherwise you will sink into an inner conflict that those around you will also notice. How are you supposed to attract things when you send positive signals today and negative signals tomorrow? So you have to be at peace with yourself to get some consistency in these things. When you love yourself, you open yourself to your greatest desires and desires. You will begin to want only the things that are best for yourself. Step 3: Open up to new things! In Step 2, you learned to understand and love your fears and doubts. After you have manifested in your head that self-confidence and love are the way to your actual goal, in the next step we want to talk about possibilities how you can concretely eliminate your self-doubts First of all, it is really important that you have gone through steps 1 and 2 for the whole thing to work. You cannot eliminate your self-doubts if you do not understand them. The easiest way to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. And that’s actually easier than it sounds. As soon as you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation that has a negative outcome for you, you are always faced with a choice. Do you want to go the easy way and indulge in negative thoughts or do you want to get active? What is meant by being active? If you drift into negativity after such an event, you let yourself be controlled by those around you. However, as you have already learned, we are all closely connected to and can control the universe as much as it can control us. Negative thoughts won’t get you anywhere. They don’t change anything about the event, on the contrary. It wastes energy that you could invest in potential solutions to make such events a thing of the past. For example, if you lose your wallet, you can get upset for hours and tell all your friends about how you lost them. That would be the way into negativity. Or you can take action, notify the police, have your bank card blocked and figure out how you lost it. Because of the negative energy and excitement, you will not get your wallet back. What does this have to do with the law of resonance? Quite simply: Your attitude, feelings and thoughts are picked up by the environment and the answer is then designed accordingly. The signals that you emit are returned to you in response. With this positive thought structure you can now open yourself to all the positive things in your environment. If you still have problems living this positive mindset, we have prepared an exercise for you. It’s about realizing how the law of attraction has been an integral part of your life in the past. This will help you open up to the law of attraction and show gratitude. Take a little time and reflect on the 3 most positive moments in your life. How did you think, feel and act at that point? And what was the result of your action? Concentrate on the crucial moments and do not try to capture every smallest moment of your life. Then try to reconcile these moments with the simple rule of the principle of resonance: like attracts like. After this little exercise, you will find that the law of attraction is a universal law that has been part of your life for some time. Step 4: live your desires You now have a fixed goal, are free from self-doubt and have seen to yourself how the law of resonance has already had an impact on your life in the past. Now we’re going to take the whole thing one step further and explain how you can translate the visualization of your goal that you built in step 1 into reality. Thoughts come true. In this step, we not only visualize our target state, but actively live it out as well as possible. With that you leave the world of thought and move on to reality. At first it might seem a little strange or even stupid to you, but this is one of the most important steps if you want to integrate the law of resonance into your everyday life. Act as if you have already reached your goal state. This step is extremely important in order to send the right signals to those around you. Like attracts like. So that you can attract your desires and goals, you have to behave like this, because actions speak louder than words. You will send a clear signal to your surroundings and show full of conviction that you really want something from the deepest part of your heart. You can’t send stronger signals. Take Jim Carrey as an example. At the beginning of his acting career he was financially very weak and a person from a humble background. He has successfully used the law of resonance to motivate himself and is now a Hollywood star. For example, he drove through the world-famous Mulholland drive every evening, one of the many wealthy neighborhoods in Santa Monica, California. In that moment, he just imagined belonging. He’s also written himself a check for $ 10 million that he can cash in 3 years. It is also important to understand that these things will not come by themselves. So it is not enough to longingly wish for something and then be disappointed when nothing happens. The law of resonance is an inner attitude that should help motivate yourself and feel good. It won’t do the actual work for you, it will make it easier. The law of attraction doesn’t work without simultaneous work that you must put into your ideas, dreams and goals. What is clear is that Jim Carrey not only wrote the check, he also worked for it around the clock. However, how long it will take before you will achieve the first results is uncertain. With some people the law of resonance takes effect faster, with some it takes longer. The key to success is patience and persistence and hard work. 5 tips and tricks on how to apply the law of attraction Practice and conviction are everything. It’s hard to be patient after failure. We know this. That is why we have prepared a brief overview with 5 universal tips and tricks for the resonance principle. Vision boards Vision boards are a great way to visualize goals. They make your dreams close to touching. All kinds of things can be represented with a vision board. No matter if visions, dreams, goals, or plans. A vision board is a good tool for planning and motivation. It is very easy and quick to create such a vision board, but the effect is enormous. Just try it! Creative visualization technology The creative visualization technique is a trick designed to help you sharpen your imagination a little. The technique is especially good for you if you step 1: What do you want to use the law of resonance for? Have problems. Just use an apple or whatever candy you like to eat. Hold the apple in your hand and close your eyes. Focus on what you are feeling. Feel the round shape of the apple and its smooth surface. Let it slide gently through your hand. Always keep your thoughts focused on the sense of touch. Then put the apple down. Then try to remember how the apple felt. You repeat this step for the remaining senses: Sense of taste, remember how it tastes Hearing sense, remember what it sounds like (drop it on the floor or roll it across the table) Sense of smell, remember how it smells Sight, remember what it looks like Repeat this exercise as often as you like. It will help you when it comes to visualizing concrete objects and wishes in your head. List of gratitude Make a list of things you are grateful for. Write down everything you can think of, even little things. Think about why you are grateful for it, to whom you owe this and how it came about. You are also welcome to create two different lists. A general list and a daily list. You relate the daily list to all the things that happened to you that day in order to better process and reflect on the past day. Critically question why things went this way in order to make them better in the future. A positive mindset is easier to maintain with such a list. As we have already learned, the law of resonance only works with a positive thought structure. Live your everyday life more consciously Do not live haphazardly into the day. Many of us get up in the morning, go to work, and then come home. All of this without really being present. Going through life inattentively wastes valuable time and energy. Set yourself the goal of becoming more aware of things. By following this simple rule, you can enjoy the little achievements in life. Make an announcement every time before you take action. Say sentences like, “I’ll find a parking space now” or “I’ll turn off the indicator and drive in here” before you park your car. This way you consciously show yourself what you are actually doing. Even if it seems a bit strange to you at the beginning, you will quickly see why this exercise is useful. You will go through the day more mindfully and feel more successful in every task. You will go through the day more mindfully and feel more successful in every task. You will be more productive than usual because you suddenly realize how much you are actually doing. So that you can use the law of resonance for yourself, you have to be aware of your feelings and thoughts. This exercise can help you sharpen your awareness. Release your inhibitions Free yourself from all inhibitions in your body. Forget thoughts like, “What do others think of me?” Or “What if someone sees me?” We only live once and therefore only have one opportunity to live a happy life. Maintain the connection to your body and let go of your inhibitions. Your external impression is important in the law of resonance. Play your favorite song and dance to it in public, even if someone is watching you. People may look at you for the first time, but in most cases they will have forgotten you by tomorrow. Conclusion: Since the law of resonance is quite a complex topic, we have put together a summary of the step-by-step instructions for you: Step 1: What do you want to use the law of resonance for? Define your goals Visualize your goals because… it is important that you know what signals to send to those around you Step 2: love yourself! Everyone makes mistakes Accept your weaknesses and confront them with love love yourself, because… it is important that you send consistent signals to those around you Step 3: Open up to new things! Eliminate your self-doubts Maintain a positive mindset Be the active part in your environment because… you should have no doubts about yourself or the effectiveness of the law of resonance Step 4: live your desires Act as if you have already reached your goal state The law of resonance does not do the work for you, it just makes it easier Get active and work on your dreams because… Actions speak louder than words — you cannot send stronger signals to those around you The law of resonance will not make you rich overnight just because you wish it or you act like that. You also have to take action and follow up with appropriate actions. In addition, your soul must be connected to your body, and your desire for things must be pure. First of all, the universe will always prefer those people who have the greatest desire. Exercise patience. Free your mind and purify your desires. It takes time to adjust your life to the law of resonance. It is also important to understand that the law of resonance is not a closed process. If you have achieved your goal, you should still pay attention to the signals you are sending to those around you. Failure to do this can have dire consequences. So work continuously on yourself, on your own purity and on the connection between your mind and your body. Have you ever used the law of resonance for yourself? Let us know in the comments what your experiences and thoughts on the topic are.

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