Benoquin Cream-Salvation from Vitiligo

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The increased rate of destruction of melanin cells from melanocytes leads to the permanent Depigmentation resulting in the formation of white patches. This condition is called as Vitiligo where the different regions of the skin undergo Depigmentation and lighter than the other areas of the skin. Benoquin cream is widely used in curing such conditions.

Benoquin cream consists of monobenzone. Monobenzone is a water based cream made of pure water. Benoquin 20% is an ointment which is available in the market and it is to be applied topically. The other important information about this cream is explained below.

  • Benoquin cream is prescribed to those people who have attained the permanent pigmentation called as Vitiligo. In this condition when the monobenzone cream is applied, the skin color is equalized to that of the light colored patches and the skin becomes equally toned.
  • The mechanism of Benoquin in achieving equally toned skin is that it helps in the elimination of melanin cells from the melanocytes. This results in the Depigmentation i.e. it brings about the Depigmentation of the normal skin that surrounds the vitiliginous lesions.
  • This monobenzone can be ordered in order to cure extensive Vitiligo condition. Treatment of monobenzone is the final Depigmentation process.
  • Benoquin cream acts as a depigmenting agent. It is recommended to purchase this monobenzone online in order to get discounts on this product. Buying monobenzone online is beneficial in many ways i.e. it is available for cheap rates, easy to access and also delivered to ones door step. There are many websites launched for marketing this product.
  • It is not at all advisable to use this Benoquin cream in the form of cosmetic. This cream is prescribed only to treat the Vitiligo condition in the patients. It is mandatory to produce prescription from the respective doctor in order to buy this product. It is available only in the online and offline pharmaceuticals but not in other cosmetic shops.
  • Benoquin 20% can be bought without prescription and one should must read the users leaflet before using the product and gain the knowledge about the dosages and the side effects.
  • There are only few side effects observed which are mild and those side effects are caused due to the excessive utilization and also due to the misuse of the product. Some such side effects observed are:
  1. It may affect reproduction when this product is used during pregnancy.
  2. It is not recommended to give this product to the nursing woman.
  3. Skin irritation is commonly observed.
  4. Burning sensations are also reported.
  • Following the dosage pattern is mandatory. The dosage pattern is as follows.
  1. It should be used two to three times daily.
  2. It has to be rubbed only on the pigmented.
  3. Direct exposure to the sunlight should be avoided. 
  • Benoquin should be stored at 25 degrees and also it should be preserved out of reach from the children. The treatment should be stopped after attaining required amount of Depigmentation.

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