HCG diet drops: The truth behind those slim looks

Posted by AllmaJess on August 10th, 2014

The human mind is always susceptible to the allurements of good life thus, often indulging in good food and relaxed or sedentary lifestyle. Unless you have a watchful eye, chances are that with time all that goodness will leave its mark on your body which in plain and simple manner can be described as being overweight. Now, in such case the only option left with you is to search for some easy remedy to shed off that excess weight. HCG diet drops are a liquid formula which works wonders in granting your wish. Many weight loss programs promote the use of HCG ultra as their main tool in weight reduction.

HCG diet drops help to reduce fat around tough spots like hips, thighs, buttocks, and waist and thus prevent diseases linked to obesity like back pain, high blood pressure and heart problem. The HCG diet plan works in double shift: it burns fat quickly and lowers appetite thus reducing food intake. And, all these are done in a completely natural way. The diet drops are water-based and unlike alcohol-based supplements do not cause any sickness or nausea. It starts functioning within 3 days of administration and results can be experienced after 21 days. In case of menstruation, dosage should start 5 days before or after the commencement of the cycle. HCG being negatively charged repels immune cells of the body and therefore is not easily rejected by the body. Weight loss programs offer diet plans for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians who want to use HCG ultra.

A large number of online stores sell HCG diet drops. They insist on following the ultra-low calorie diet for best results and you will find reviews from buyers who have successfully lost weight using these liquid drops. The diet drops if taken religiously can reduce your weight by a pound every day. Along with a diet of fresh vegetables and lean protein, HCG ultra when taken under doctors’ instruction, can helps you get back to shape in a few days time. The diet includes basic food that is available in any supermarket and cuts out on all the expensive pre-packed food and drinks. In a way, the money you invest on HCG diet drops would be made up by the saving you make from your food bills.

Albert T.W. Simeons was the endocrinologist to propose the theory of weight loss through HCG intake. He claimed that low doses of HCG diet drops coupled with a low calorie diet of about 500 calories per day successfully reduced fat or adipose tissues without affecting lean muscles. However, his theory initially faced rejection from the scientific community. This super discovery could not be kept under wraps for long and it has been now nearly two decades that HCG ultra has gained much popularity for its weight loss capabilities.

HCG ultra can be administered orally or can be injected. Most people prefer the oral liquid drops as they may not be comfortable with needles. Good news is that HCG diet drops are FDA approved. So, you can rest all your doubts and worries and subscribe to a diet plan immediately. The online stores have all the relevant information on their website and it is easy book a pack of liquid drops through e-transaction.

HCG ultra weight reduction plan is a combination of HCG diet drops and a low calorie diet. This is one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

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