Traductores jurados: Disambiguating their specific job description

Posted by AllmaJess on August 10th, 2014

Translation jobs are often not given enough importance owing to which companies usually entrust the job to amateurs or natives speakers. Resultantly, the output that is churned out is a rough job that does not promise too much of quality. However, when it comes to serious topics like legal jurisdiction and other core topics, seeking the help of a traductores jurados get imperative. The good news is specialist traductores are available for topic-based translation services and their services come with assurance of accuracy and quality. Many legal firms require documents translated for legal equivalence, and this is where these legal certified translators come in help.

What’s notable about legal translation is that it is not just a job that requires legal transformation, but reproducing a document in another language which can be acceptable as an official piece. In other words, the translated version should not have altered validity when tallied with the original one.  What a traductores jurados is trained to do alongside executing a neat translation work is formatting which is an essential part of the document. A certified traductores is well capable f handling translation of evidentiary documents, certain official data, etc. In many cases, the translator is required to pledge solemnly to produce nothing but a legal equivalent of the given source.

However, prior to hiring, you should be aware of the fact that being a legal advisor or a specialist in legal translation does not necessary make somebody a traductores jurados. In fact, the rules keep changing according to the jurisdiction of the places concerned. Such works require the right formats as that determines if the work will be accepted by different nations. The professionals are capable of working on all sorts of official documents, such as certificates, registrations, letters of attorney, court verdicts, indictments, licenses, diploma degrees, statements, etc. A sworn traductores is required when the translated document is to be produced at the court of law or some legal institution.

Certain countries are very particular about the kind of people they take in for the job, since the output is associated with legality issues. Thus, they make sure that the traductores holds a valid certificate that proves their formal education in the field in order to consider them adequately skilled and educated to perform. More stringent rules in other parts of the world demand a registration certificate along with the education qualification to support their claim for efficacy. A traductores jurados is hired in occasions when a selected few are privy to the content of the concerned documents. To ensure delivery of the work in optimum quality, the documents are made to be sealed and signed by the provider to establish its validity as an official work of translation to be accepted by the legal board of authority of the concerned place.

Such a translator is also qualified to translate private documents alongside the official versions.

Looking to hire traductores jurados for some sensitive legal documents that are going to cross the border? Hire our certified traductores to get your docs changed to any language of your choice in a minimum timeframe.

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