Mens signet rings have a lot of prestige attached to them

Posted by adairsawyer on August 10th, 2014

Who says that it’s only women that love jewellery? Even men are fond of jewellery items. All married men wear rings and many of them love wearing these items of jewellery. Men are also fond of chains and earrings and they love to flaunt these jewellery items. The rings made for men are different from those designed for women. And the design matters a lot. Mens signet rings, when elegantly designed, are cherished like any other valuable item. And signet emerald rings are perhaps the most treasured of all.

Emerald is among the most precious of gemstones. Along with diamond, ruby and sapphire, emerald is considered among the big four in the world of gemstones. The green colour of the emerald is simply enthralling. It has an enigmatic quality that can mesmerize anyone. And because it is such a rare gemstone, its price is always high. Finding high quality and properly cut emeralds is not easy and this is why the jewellers tend to command high prices for all emerald rings. There is a certain prestige associated with these gemstones and any man, when gifted with a ring studded with one or more emeralds, does feel proud of their possession.

Mens signet rings with emeralds are considered to be among the very best. A signet ring itself has a great amount of status symbol associated with it. Can you imagine what an ego boost any man gets when they are gifted a ring with a signet? Signet rings were earlier used by royalty. Those days of sealing something with a signet ring are long gone, but the prestige associated with these rings is no less even now.

Mens signet rings can be of many types. You have those really expensive ones that are made of 18 ct gold and studded with diamonds. You also have expensive rings where 18 ct gold is combined with other precious gemstones like emeralds, rubies and sapphires. And then there are the slightly less expensive ones where the gold carat is lesser and the gemstone used is slightly less expensive. If someone wants to save even more money, they can consider sterling silver emerald rings as well. The combinations can be many and the best jewellers are able to offer the widest range of designs.

Earlier on, buying jewellery would mean visiting the jeweller and going through the collection of rings and other jewellery items they would display. The internet has now taken over and the dependency on the brick and mortar jewellery stores has considerably lessened. Shopping online for even the most expensive emerald rings has become easy now. The online catalogue is there to see and one can make their choices easily. If someone has to look at the best collection of mens signet rings, they would actually do better to visit an online store. Most of the reputed jewellers have their websites through which they sell. And even if one doesn’t want to buy branded jewellery, there are still plenty of options available.

The best in mens signet rings have a lot of prestige attached to them. But signet emerald rings are simply the best.

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