Mens Signet and Opal Rings with unique designs

Posted by adairsawyer on August 10th, 2014

Tradition and history has always been a part of gemstones and rings. And this is what makes these pieces come back with a new avatar time and time again. Talking about tradition, mens signet rings have travelled realms of power, kingdoms and rulers and have now become a symbol of personal fashion statement where you can wear these engraved rings with a flat bezel and show off your love for antiques. For those with a slightly different taste for gemstones, the mystery and awe surrounding opal rings can be quite a charm. Minus all the superstitions and folklores attached to opals, they add a lot of character to your entire look.

Mens signet rings have also played the role of bearing the official stamp of the ruler for carrying messages far and wide, being first introduced by the Egyptians, in absence of signature. These were more than just finger rings. These were symbol of power and aristocracy, especially in the European countries. Now, you will get signet styled or rings with alphabets or signs engraved in a few pieces. You can also get varieties of shapes such as the lion’s eyes set with sapphires on sterling silver mount. Very common among the bikers is the Biker Eagle ring also on sterling silver. Or, you can go for the plain and classy cushion cut Cornelian mens signet ring. Similar varieties are also available in Blue Goldstone, Natural Bloodstone, natural carnelian and natural onyx. A few of the mounts are plain while others are crafted with intricate design for showcasing the elegance even more.

The simple opaque white stone that reflects colours in lights has an amazing history attached to it – it’s not for the weak hearted for sure. That’s opal rings for you. Some say it is evil while others fear its colour, but those are thing of the past, if you’ve been keeping yourself away from opal for these baseless myths then it’s a grave mistake you are committing. Grave, because once you take a look at the exquisitely carved opal rings set with Pink Tourmaline, or Tanzanite, Aquamarine on gold or sterling silver, you will know what exactly is missing in that precious jewellery box of yours. The wide based eternity rings set with opal can be an excellent way to express the never ending love that you feel for your lady.

Contemporary designs have merged with antique cuts and we have some of the most attractive creations whether it is mens signet rings or opal rings. Wearing a ring defines your personality, adds charm to your appearance and complements your attire. Not just this, it also suits your birth sign. Take for instance opal which is a great choice for those born in October and falling under the signs of Libra and Scorpio. As for signet rings, they will always lend uniqueness to your appearance whether you are born in power or not. You just need to know how to carry these rings with grace and elegance and let them do the rest of the trick on the jealous onlookers.

Exquisite Opal Rings and charming Mens Signet rings  are available for you to choose from.

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