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Posted by Mouridsen Rosales on January 14th, 2021

Then, for the size of concrete anchors we were using, we followed the instructions on the box and used the 3/16″ bit to enlarge the holes. Next up, we placed the bracket where it needed to go and switched out the drill bit to a Phillip’s head in order to screw in the anchors. Now is the time to measure for your support boards! Your support boards should fit snugly against each wall. Another important thing to remember – align the support board with where the actual planter will sit. When you have all of your boards cut, I first attached the trim to the 1 x 10 boards. The color you choose for these dashing DIY planters makes a big difference to the window scenery window planter boxes plans and the façade of the house itself. Make sure you get it right just like the design itself. Measure each 1-by-8-inch board twice, and mark the required lengths. If all of your window box parts are the same, consider setting up and using a stop block. Stop blocks allow you to make accurate, repetitive cuts time after time, eliminating the need to measure each piece of wood. This saves time and ensures consistency when many of the components need to be the exact same size. Pine, Fir and Poplar all work, but simply do not last long in the elements, especially when you consider window boxes receive water almost daily. Window boxes come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional wall-mounted window boxes to freestanding boxes and even indoor window boxes. For the landless city dweller, window boxes provide a way to garden and even provide a source for seasonal herbs and vegetables. Discard the extra wood, or set it aside for a later project. Pull off four whole boards from the pallet using a crowbar. If the pallet wood splits or breaks, it will not work for this project. Be very careful as you remove the boards so you do not break them. So we headed to Lowe’s to pick out the wood and have it cut to size. We had the wood cut into three pieces (80 in. x 7 1/4 in. x 3/4 inch). For the two ends we had them cut pieces that were 7 1/4 in. On our project we predrilled holes and mounted our window boxes and used 6-8 RSS structural screw fasteners from GRK Fasteners. The RSS Screws are weather-resistant and made from case-hardened steel with high tensile, torque and shear strength. We filled all nail holes, then sanded and primed all exposed wood with a quality oil primer. The window boxes were finished with two coats of latex top paint. Two matching apartment windows with outside ledges are the perfect spot for small rectangular planter boxes. Planted with a few colorful geraniums, they are the perfect color for these red rimmed windows. Maintenance of window box planters Window boxes made from treated wood or hardwood are easy to paint or stain and this makes them easy to maintain. Plastic tends to fade and metal will tarnish. Terra-cotta, or concrete boxes are aesthetically pleasing, but are harder work with. I’m not sure why we didn’t tackle this project last year when we built the house, considering how simple it was, but at that point I couldn’t make one more decision. We had a flower box in this spot before the renovation, but since we added a window on the other side of the front door, we needed the two boxes to match. The original box was a little more flourishy than what I had in mind, so we decided to start from scratch. I keep it classic in our yard and garden, and like lush greens with a little bit of structure, so naturally I love boxwoods. They are a great bright green , grow fast and are easy to shape. If you don't have a power saw, most lumber yards will cut your lumber to the desired lengths at no additional charge. Drill guide or pilot holes into the lumber where you plan to screw the pieces of lumber together. Though there are devices that will allow your to drill the screws directly into the lumber, doing so can stress the wood and cause splits near the end. It is also easier to maintain control when drilling guide holes than it is to screw directly into the wood, especially when using hard woods. As most of you know, there has been an accumulation of home improvement stores throughout the country in recent years. First, you should consider the look of the finished product. To extend the life of the window box, add soil and plants to a window box liner rather than placing them directly into the box. Many of these examples show before and after images so that you can see the dramatic difference between not having a window planter box and adding one to your home. Window planters add beauty and instant curb appeal to any home. And, they make for an easy DIY project if you like to do things yourself. The popular window boxes in a Shaker-style look especially wonderful when coupled with matching Shaker-style shutters. The advantage to using a cleat is you can easily lift the window box off for replanting or winter storage. The third is using brackets, which usually involve a combination of direct mounting and bracket support. This is a useful method when the window box is large and heavy. It’s absolutely necessary that a window box have drainage holes so plants do not sit in soggy soil. This not only makes the window look small, but it also blocks light coming into the room from the outside. Adding a slash of color to the outside of your home is just the beginning of the talent of a well planted window box. They can bring flowery aromas indoors and give those inside a glimpse of the outside up close. Window boxes are very versatile, so pretty to look at and can be planted in a wide variety of ways. Attach the window planter box to your house just below the window using L brackets and 1 1/2″ galvanized screws to hold your window box securely in place. Drill 5/8″ screws into the bottom of your planter box to hold the L brackets into place. Drill holes straight through the bottom of the window boxes to allow for drainage. Just remember that once full of plants and soil a window box can be extremely heavy. My aunt had said she ended up putting 160 pounds of dirt into each planter. Luckily, Jamie secured with 5 large lag bolts and hung from them with his body weight to ensure the planters were in for the long haul!! I love projects that use repurposed materials and this dresser drawer turned window box is fabulous. It’s all done for you when you use an old dresser drawer to create the box. This is a wonderful way to repurpose old dressers. You will get as many window boxes as you have drawers and then you can use the base of the dresser for something else. Whether you want a traditional wooden window box or you prefer something make of plastic, you are going to find the perfect DIY project to add beauty to your home. Window box planters provide a unique perspective to your home, adding colors and textures and something you can change with the seasons. To fix your window box with brackets, you will need a masonry drill bit, to protect your brick. Watch this handy step-by-step guide that demonstrates how to drill the holes and attach the brackets. If you can't find a plastic liner to fit your window box, apply a layer of roofing compound to the inside of the window box with a wide putty knife. This will prevent the soil from rotting the wood. Measure the window where you want to place your window box to determine the length of the box. Lastly, take the amount of sunlight the window receives into consideration before you choose a window box. If the window receives direct sunlight all day, you will not want a metal or dark colored window box.

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