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Posted by adairsawyer on August 10th, 2014

Whether it is an occasion or not we love to adorn ourselves with stylish jewellery. Jewellery such as emerald rings, pendants or necklaces can often be an exceedingly prioritized fashion statement. A fashionable piece of jewellery is more or less every trendy and style-conscious person’s best friend. However, with the increasing turmoil in world economy, gold has slipped out of common man’s reach. Thus silver has started gaining new heights of popularity. From antique silver jewelleries to contemporary silver pendants, silver has taken several forms over the centuries but has never gone out of style.

You can now frequently find silver as a popular item on the shelf of many jewellery shops. Ornaments made of silver come in several different designs. If you are looking for a subtle yet eye catching piece, silver pendants and silver rings can be very fascinating. These jewelleries are as gorgeous as gold and can work as a good substitute. The silver pieces are made of sterling silver. Emerald rings are available in bluish or greenish shades that can add another dimension to your ring. Emerald stones are very delicate and sophisticated yet cheaper than other precious gemstones.

Emerald rings are widely used as engagement rings because of their beauty and symbolism. In most of the engagement rings, emerald is used as the centre piece stone with diamond setting on either or both side. There are thousands of designs available that are suitable for numerous occasions and you can find them in any good reputable online jewellery shop. You can choose a Georgian style ring with round cut emerald or a vibrant green natural emerald solitaire ring for yourself and your partner. If you like antiques then you can also choose emerald setting in snake style ring. The website of these online stores also offers an array of choices when you are looking for pendants and other jewelleries. Silver pendants are available in attractive eye-catching designs fit for regular wear and for a more ethereal look.

Silver pendants however, require a lot of care and maintenance in order to sustain their polish and prevent any corrosion. Silver jewellery has a tendency to react with body sweat and corrode, rendering it a greenish tinge of tarnish. This is kept in mind by the online retailers and they will provide you useful care instructions to maintain the colour and shine of silver jewellery. Emerald rings can be cleaned by keeping them overnight in a bowl of water and soap. With a soft toothbrush you can brush lightly around the stone to clean off the dirt.

Online shopping has made it easier for you to shop for jewelleries. Now you don’t have to run from store to store for a good emerald ring. Generally, brick-and-mortar shops tend to charge higher than online stores to cover additional expenses of shop maintenance, taxes and other costs. The silver pendants and other exquisite accessories stocked by these websites are not only cheaper but also provide you attractive discounts throughout the year. These online shops offer a variety of choices on every type of jewellery and bring in fresh shipments of designs frequently to keep you trendy.

Do you want to buy emerald rings with matching silver pendants? You can now go online and purchase your favourite ones at attractive prices.

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