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Posted by jennycooper on August 10th, 2014

Many people drink tea just when they are sick or in cold days to get warm, but there are some specific types of tea that are highly beneficial and which contribute to a better lifestyle. Green tea is one of the most popular and consumed kinds of tea and it is no wonder why. There have been made a lot of studies on this tea and the results are remarkable. For example, some of the most well known benefits that should convince anyone to drink more tea include weight loss, prevention of cancer, having a better skin and a better mood and more. A basic slimming tea might never achieve what this kind of tea has to offer and you might be unaware of its effects until you try them. Not to mention there are many flavours to choose from and it is important to purchase the high-quality tea, not the ones that are too processed and which lose their taste and their effects eventually.

A cup of green tea contains about a quarter of a cup of coffee’s caffeine. The dynamic of the caffeine in tea is however quite different from coffee. ‘It gives a clear mind, but calm body’ – using the original words from the Chinese. It is an outstanding and healthy replacement for those who wish to cut down their coffee and sugar rich beverage consumption. More than that, this slimming tea also hydrates the body, helping you get that required amount of fluids you need on a daily basis (intra-cellular fluid), while eliminating the excessive water retention in the body (extra-cellular fluid).

Most of the tea drinker would be interested to hear that green tea also has many other health benefits such as enhancing body immunise system, anti-inflammatory, cancer preventive and many more.

Bear in mind that green tea consumption is lifestyle change. Many go to the supermarkets and purchase some low quality tea bags, put up with the awful taste for the health benefits and threw them away after a few weeks. Premium quality green teas are luscious and refreshing. It is worthwhile to pay a bit more and enjoy it in the long term and the health benefits are just by-products.

Changes in weight loss have been shown for those who consume this slimming tea, even if no extra measures are taken, such as a diet or an exercise program, although they are always recommended. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how well you will feel after drinking the tea. A few extra pounds can be lifted off your shoulders thanks to this marvellous product provided by mother nature.

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