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Posted by matthewdavis9179 on August 11th, 2014

The growing technology has brought us to an era which we may perhaps have never imagined a few decades ago. The technological progress is at its crest. We have already experienced a lot of changes and innovations around us. What comes to your mind when you think of a fashion ring ? Beautiful and delicate wearable rings? If so, this article will change your perception on rings.

Let’s talk about a really useful technology that fits on your fingers - smart ring ! Smart finger rings are a wonder of technology and carry a bunch of majestic features. The rings hold out a function of having a virtual remote control on the fingers. One can easily accomplish many day-to-day tasks such as changing TV channel, controlling the setup box, music system and many more via the rings.

With iSmartRing, you can easily imagine yourself changing TV channels and handling volume and other features of your music system without needing a remote. There are a lot of very useful features packed in iSmartRing. One can easily attend and make phone call via the ring, get notifications and reminders via the ring, control electronic gadgets such as smart phone, TVs and music systems, and so forth.

Apart from technology and feature set, style is another big asset of iSmartRing. The ring has several ring designs and ring faces that match your clothing and outfit. If you do not wish to flaunt your ring as a technological gadget but rather wish to wear it as a fashion accessory then this ring will serve your purpose.

Apart from inbuilt application features, you can download and add exciting new applications such as alarm app, whether app, music app, camera app and many more from the ring store to the smart ring. The ring is also amongst the most stunning Bluetooth accessories allowing the user to pair and collaborate with Smart phones easily.

iSmartRing is the most authentic fashionable accessory. This wearable technology gadget can be worn in multiple forms - as a finger ring, bracelet, neck pendent or as a key chain.

Now after reading about the iSmartRing and its irresistible features, if you are excited, motivated and fascinated to buy it, then visit and quench your inquisitiveness.

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