Rising need of Dentists in Bangalore

Posted by krishna on August 11th, 2014

Bangalore, the third largest city of India, is situated in the south Indian state of Karnataka. Home to a lot of educational and research institutions, it has the highest number of engineering colleges in a city. It was the first city to get electricity in India and is now commonly referred to as the ‘Pub Capital of India’ due to the high number of pubs.

Reasons for deteriorating oral health

A fast-paced life like that in Bangalore anyway leads to neglecting one’s health. On top of that, with an increasing number of pubs, comes a great amount of alcohol consumption. Bangalore has the highest number of cigarette smokers as well.

All this contributes to bad dental health. Weakening of enamel, acidic environment in the mouth, bad breath, teeth discoloration, increased risk of developing oral cancer or gum disease are only a few of the many risks of drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

With changing lifestyles, children and adults alike have shifted to consuming unhealthy or junk food. Gone are the days when a chappati and dal were the best things in the world. Today, burgers, pizzas and pastas have become a part of our everyday meal. Though it is a treat for our taste buds, but it is not doing much good to our teeth. Junk food is a major cause of tooth decay. The foods leading to the obesity epidemic are behind deteriorating oral health as well.

Demand for dentists in Bangalore

About 70% of children under 15 in India suffer from gum problems. A survey by the Indian Dental Association found out that 92% of students face dental decay. More so, majority kids have irregular teeth that need to be straightened or aligned, bad breath, or teeth that need cleaning.

So it’s safe to say that the demand for dentists in Bangalore is very high. Dentists have come to play a major part in our life, especially due to our change in lifestyle and eating habits. Regular dental check-ups with your dentist have become a necessity. Dentists, with specialization in the prevention and treatment of diseases promote conditions for a good oral health and strive to keep our gum problems at bay.

It becomes rather difficult to keep up dental hygiene with our habits of not brushing our teeth regularly or flossing for that matter. There is a huge availability of dentists in Bangalore. The only problem is time that people tend to face is standing in lines and waiting for their turn. But there is a solution to that too now.

Booking appointments online

Bangalore has the highest traffic density in India. With vehicles storming the roads at all hours, it is found most convenient to book an appointment online with the dentists of Bangalore so that you don’t have to battle the traffic to reach early. And you save on the precious time by avoiding a huge line of patients waiting before you.

Booking an online appointment is an easy and time saving option whenever you need to see your dentist. There are various online portals that have many dentists from all the cities, for you to book an appointment with. Be it Kasavanahalli, Chamarajpet, Kothnur or Rajarajeswary Nagar, Bangalore dentists have taken to online portals to make your visit to the doctor a relaxing one.


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